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The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new lands but seeing with new eyes.

Marcel Proust, French novelist, 1871-1922.

I felt that by having this Site Map For Life with all the pages and descriptions listed in one place, it would make it easier to choose which page to study.

This entire site goes together. What I mean by that is each page gives you Great Insight into a particular topic.

It also is a Site Map For Life because if you can really understand the information that has to offer, your Life will change.

Why is it that we will dedicate time to study a variety of things but some how forget to learn who we are and work on improving our lives. Believe me all good things take a little dedication and work.

If we are to change our lives then learning new tools and getting ideas on how to use them is important. An this Site can only help. Some of us my be proficient in some areas but we all have room to grow.

God gave us a perfect Universe with Perfect Laws for making our life’s as Wonderful, Prosperous and Fulfilling as possible.

The sad thing is we squander It.

So why not have a Site Map For Life to help us understand these beautiful gifts that God gave us.

The Beautiful thing about it is we can change our life’s any time we Choose. That is right. It is as simple as making a Conscious Choice. The past is dead and gone. Tomorrow has not been Promised. So live for Today.

Learn how Living Consciously will change your life.

Metaphysics-For is a teaching website. Follow It.

If you will put in the time to create it in a way that will bring you happiness.

Remember that the Law of Attraction does no care if you are Right or Wrong, Up or Down you get exactly what you you think.

Look at it this way, you can never be Wrong. THATS what makes the Universe so PERFECT.

It does not make Choices or Judge you in any way, it just gives you what you ask for.

So now you know that the Power of Positive Thinking is Crucial if you are serious about Living Consciously.

So use this Site Map For Life. YOUR LIFE! Perfect in every way.

Study this Web Site and You will be Rewarded

See what others have to say. Write your own comment or story. Visits these sites.

Beyond Positive Thinking

Self Help Books

This I Believe

Talk To God

Metaphysical Freedom

Daily Reflections

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