How To Stay Positive 2
_The Art Of Meditation
Authored by Rev. Carol

How To Stay Positive 2 will change your life if you work it.

Some mediations teachers have acknowledged that mediation is a lot like “progressive relaxation”. Others have noticed the similarities with what is often called “creative imagination” or imagery”.

Some Christian writers- Morton Kelsey for one - claim that the historic Christian discipline of contemplation is a type of mediation.

Other people have wondered whether meditation, as we see it, is really hypnosis, or a least self-hypnosis. While we maintain that mediation and hypnosis are not really the same, it is true that both are dependent upon the suggestibility of mind. Mediation is all this and more. Don’t let anyone try to put It in a neat, nice, little package for you. What matters is not what you call It, or how you do it, but how you dot It regularly and devotedly.

Regardless of what or who brings you to mediate, you will find in mediation that you gain access to apart of yourself that, except in dreams (or flashes of intuition,, creativity, or transcendental experiences) is largely hidden from you awareness. You know there is something in you called the unconscious, but most people have little idea what that’s all about. Strangely enough, our society’s beginning to realize that It is the unconscious that is really the larger par of our being.

We must let go of the life we have planned, so as to accept the one that is waiting for us.
Joseph Campbell

As Morton Kelsey says.. “A human being is bigger than just rational consciousness.
If you are to know the fullness in which you were created, you need to both be aware of this “other self” and be in communication within. Just as society is realizing that full human potential is achieved bringing he conscious and unconscious to that same kind of relationship. You cannot afford to shut yourself off from the depth of your own being. When you are in touch with it, says Kelsey, then you have to “single eye” that makes you whole.
Mediation is another means of access to the unconscious and the other self. the art of letting down the barrier that separates one’s rational consciousness from the depth of one’s soul. Others would call It the mean’s of entering you’re higher states of consciousness.
Mediation, therefore, is a life changing discipline that can be used for any of the following reasons or combinations.
1: To explore or communicate with your own unconscious
2: To gain control over your own mind
3: To gain control over you own body
4: To encounter the God - within- you
The meditative state is sometimes described a “passive alertness” This may come as a surprise if you associate mediation with a form of drowsiness Instead, the mind in mediation is very alert while the body is relaxed. But “alertness” does no mean activity. In fact, the task in mediation is to shut down the active part of your mind in its aggressive search for data, and achieve a state of quite in which It can be fully alert, aware, and resounding to a mush greater depth of sensitivity. Meditation is more a state of knowing than thinking. T he key you do not make it alert. Instead of propelling yourself towards something, in meditation, you permit yourself to be drawn to It or let it come to you. 

How To Stay Positive 2
_The Art of Meditation
Can You?

Another key to meditation is concentration, a term which seems more aggressive than passive. You may think you have to “try” to concentrate, but in meditation you “let” yourself concentrate. Emptying the mind so you can concentrate is not like trying to pick the lint off a wool sweater. Remember, we said you cannot get rid of the bits and pieces that are there, but by filling the mind with something that leaves no room for the bits and pieces.
That does not mean you will not have distractions. In fact, you will probably experience more distractions that you ever dreamed existed. It is when you are meditating that you will sounds to which previously you have been oblivious. The creaking floor boards the hum or electricity in the wall clock, an airplane flying overhead, the symphony of your own internal organs! You will also become aware of other sense distractions. Your ear will itch, your toe will throb, your body hair will move every so slightly, causing you to flick a nonexistent bugs. And at the same time you will find your mind finally compiling the grocery list you have avoided all day. its all par for the course. Here are vested interests in your being that will struggle to keep you from opening the door into the un conscious. The conscious mind will kick and scream to hang on to your attention.

In mediation, however. You do no fight your distractions - that would only make them stronger. instead, passively let go of them. When they float into the view of your minds eye, don’t zap them with a thermal laser beam. Don’t indignantly tell then to get lost. In fact, don’t have any feelings about them at all. Let them float beyond, out of your attention don’t let hem hold on to you. Let Go.
There is one other thing I must tell you before I turn you loose into mediation. Never be critical of your performance in mediation, and do not devalue your experience. this is one activity which the process, not what you fell the results to be than is important. Here will be accumulative effigy that is often hidden from you. There will be days when your mediation will leave you “feeling good” and other days you will say “nothing happened”. But neither of these are the true measure of what will happen to you while you meditate. It is over the long run that you will be able you experience the benefits.

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