How To Stay Positive
_The Art Of Meditation

Authored by Rev.Carol

How To Stay Positive Guaranteed!

How to stay positive when life around you appears to be chaotic.

This is where meditation can work for you.

Fifteen minutes a day can change your life.

That’s what meditation can do. And I guarantee it will work. You don’t get many offers like that today, do you?


Yes I can guarantee that mediation will work for you. It can change you - mind, body and spirit.

The only reason I say “can” change you instead of will change you, is that I can guarantee what mediation will do, but I cannot guarantee what you will do.

And you, as always , are the most important factor in the equation.
You may remember the story of the rich young ruler who came to Jesus asking how to obtain eternal life. He indicated he would do anything, but when Jesus told him what to do, we are told that instead “ he went away sorrowed for he had great possessions” (Mark 10: 17-22). His possessions - the very thing Jesus said, he would need to give up - were really more important to him than the eternal life he thought was his heart’s desire.

Jesus method was guaranteed; what we could not guarantee, however, was the young mans response.
I have found because we want to change our lives in some way- mind, body or spirit. But, having learned the techniques, we often find that many go away like the rich young ruler, sorrowed because the fifteen minuets per day meditation required was more than he wanted to spend on changing his life. I know a man who had arthritis, on a daily program of relaxation, mediation, and imagery, he got relief from the aches and pains of his arthritis. But, like most practitioners of meditating, he got much more than he had been looking for, his life got better.

Along with the physical benefits, meditation also helps you to take charge of your mind. One of the universal benefits of mediation is the improvement in your power of concentration, that ability to focus your mind on a task and gain access to a greater range of internal resources in a accomplishing that task. It can enable you to work better in the midst of distractions, to desensitize yourself to annoyances that are sometimes beyond your control. If done in the mindfulness of Christ consciousness it will unit you to that one mind. God’s mind.

Mediation is also invaluable in helping you work better with your emotions, particularly the negative, destructive ones. It is impossible to sustain anger, anxiety, and resentments when you are in the midst of a meditative state. Eliminating destructive emotions.

Mediation does not mean you are sweeping them under the rug, or burying them in the unconscious where they continue to stress you literally and figuratively eat away a you, thus mediation is a very important means of dealing with the major stress of life.
Mediation is also invaluable to your positive creativity. I have found, it releases creativity , develops your power of intuition, and prepares you to give or receive healing. For us, as well as for countess others, mediation has also been a means of communion with God - an aide and supplement to prayer.

Mediation is hard to define, and the more we experience and the more we learn, the more we have come to realize that mediation cannot be categorized neatly.

It is important to expect nothing, to take every experience, including the negative ones, as merely steps on the path, and to proceed.
Ram Dass

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