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This is a Teaching Website 

Metaphysics-For-Better-Living will be using the Law of Attraction, Spiritual Science, and all Universal Principles on our Journey. We together will explore the origins of Metaphysics. The history of Universal Principles. 

I am a Science of Mind Minister and I will use my life experience and 30-plus years of studying the Science of Mind and all things Metaphysical to lead the way. You will become more familiar with metaphysics and its terminology. 

I have been associated with the Alcohol and Drug field and will discuss this. I have worked with mentally challenged adults and I am now becoming familiar with Autism. 

Know matter where you are in your life I believe Metaphysics-For-Better-Living will help supply you with what you need to face the challenges of life.

My intentions in building Metaphysics-For-Better-Living are to use my deep belief in these Natural Laws to Pay Life Forward. I believe if we all make a conscious effort to create more positive thoughts and live this truth we could help make a more peaceful world for the next generation. This is exactly what the Law Of Attraction is. The Law of Attraction states, simply speaking that you get what you think about most. Not very complicated, although we make it so. We are going to learn how to talk to GOD. To be more connected to the universe. We will use Daily Reflections and Meditation to become more connected to our inner being and that’s Where we will find GOD.

There are Natural Laws in the Universe that God has given us. Once these Laws are Understood and incorporated into our lives, you will see Dramatic Results.

The Power of Positive Thinking and Why God put these Laws here for us to use.

What is Noetic Science?  And could Healing Gemstones play a part in Healthy Living?

I will to the best of my ability try and supply you with the best and most knowledgeable information I can. My goal is to help those, as I at one time needed help to grow spiritually and mentally. My life has had its up and downs and I hope to help you navigate them.

There is so much information on this site to study. I am truly grateful for the collaboration and the givenness of my contributing authors. I really believe if you take the time to study the information on this site and research the material from others that is quoted here you will be able to change your life. All any of us want is to be the best we can be. Unfortunately it is not something we have all accomplished.  This site will continue to grow and supply more and more information. I will not rest on my laurels. I want to be the go to website for positive information.

I know that I can not do it alone. I am willing to accept all the help I can get. Everyone who visits Metaphysics-For-Better-Living and leaves me with criticism, critique or any positive insights and information is always welcome.


Being a Science of Mind Minister I will be quoting from Ernest Holmes the founder of Science of Mind one of my mentors. 

"In presenting these lessons in Mental Science to the public, it is my desire to make it possible for any one, who cares to take the time to study them, to demonstrate the truths that will be discussed. It is, perhaps, hard to set down in writing a complete teaching in Mental Science that will not appear difficult to understand; but this could be said as well of any science, and the Science of Mind is no exception to the general rule."

I am truly blessed and grateful for Metaphysics For Better Living. The more I learn and practice the Power of Positive Thinking the happier I become. Please visit often. There is a ton of information for you to consume. I will be adding some very powerful learning tools, classes and workshops in the near future.

I am looking forward to your visits and your e-mails.

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You can learn more about me at My Page. It is informative.

I thank you for all your participation.

Enjoy Metaphysics-For-Better-Living

Socrates is quoted as saying:

“False words are not only evil in themselves, but they infect the soul with evil.“

People have this idea that Enlightenment and realization is something in a distance - a very fantastic and magnificent happening which will transform everything once and for always. But it's not like that at all. It's something which is so simple you hardly see it. It's right in front of us, so close we don't notice it. And it's something which can happen at any moment. And the moment we see it, there it is. It's been there all the time, but we've had our inner eye closed. When the moments of awareness all link up - we become a Buddha.

Tenzin Palmo

Buddhist nun, in: Cave in the Snow


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