What is Metaphysics?

Metaphysical Chart No. I. This chart, which is called the Universal Chart, shows the Universe as a Trinity of Being. The upper section designates those attributes of Spirit which are Self-Conscious. The middle section shows the subconscious aspect of Law; and the lowest section shows the effect of Spirit working through the medium of Universal Mind. Read and carefully study the full explanation and meaning of the words used in this chart

What is Metaphysics? Originally the term metaphysics was coined for Aristotle’s teaching of physics dealing with first principles, the relation of universals to particulars, and the teleological doctrine of causation. It also is the study of Philosophy and so much more.

For a different look at this topic see Metaphysics the Beginning. So where do we start? Here I would like to define how Metaphysics helps to change our life’s. If you are here for the same reasons I am, we want answers to the most basic question Who Am I.

I personally believe that it is all metaphysics. Everything we touch, see, feel and believe is metaphysics. Metaphysics and Science study these questions. It attempts to understand the nature of reality, as it applies to the visible or invisible. First Cause and the Principles of the Universe as it applies to us.

Here at Metaphysics-For-Better-Living.com we view it as everything God or Universal Mind has provided us.

It is the study of Mental Sciences and the Natural Laws of the Universe. What is Metaphysics? It is the study of First Cause, our existence, and is asked to explain the unexplained.

If Religion did not work for you or you can not understand after several attempts to change your life and you are still living day to day with no positive direction then you are in the right place. Same as me.

Here I apply the Spiritual for a complete understanding of our nature. Man or Society creates its own rules or laws and it should not be confused with the Natural Laws of the Universe or the study of Metaphysics. Metaphysical Science once understood along with the rest of this Teaching Site will give you the necessary tools to make a significant change to your life.

Aristotle said “All Men by nature desire to know.” This profound statement still holds true today.

What is Metaphysics and why should you care

Frank L. Hammer {1945} Life and its Mysteries, when asked "What Is Man?" he answered: 

“Man is an immortal spirit temporarily inhabiting a material body. This body is no more the real man than are the clothes he wears to cover it. To understand man it is necessary to study vastly more than his outer form. Men are begotten by God, and children of God are gods, just as offspring of animals are animals.”

So then What is Metaphysics, its the study of evolution, why are we here, what is our purpose and is this all that there is. All Spiritual Teachers know this. It is not by accident that there are enormous amounts of information on Metaphysics.

We are waking up to the fact that we are more. As science gets more sophisticated we learn that we are not bound by man's laws, that in fact the Laws of the Universe are quite real and are here for a reason. Lets not get lost on our journey of Self- Discovery.

The internet opens us up to a wealth of information. If you want to be Enlighten or just want to stop the suffering we go through as humans then associate with those who have what you want. Read authors who inspire you. The only thing that limits us is our belief in what we think is impossible. Open up to the inspiring minds of our peers and then we will see peace and happiness become a way of life.

My page Site Map For Life will help you navigate this site and open you up to topics and tools that will open your eyes to the possibilities you seek. This is a teaching website. If you study it you will be rewarded. 

Ernest Holmes Founder of Science of Mind

and my Mentor wrote:


“The hour of freedom has struck, the bell of Liberty is ringing, and "Let him that is athirst come." Let us, then, plunge more deeply into our own natures and into the nature of the Universe and see if we shall not find treasures undreamed of, possibilities never imagined and opportunities which the fond thought--yearning for freedom--has often, in our vision of the greater Life, given us. "Prove me now, herewith, saith the Lord of hosts, if I will not open you the windows of heaven, and pour you out a blessing that there shall not be room enough to receive it." 

What is Metaphysics? Its All Metaphysics!

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