Metaphysical Science as well as other areas of Metaphysics can be confusing to those who are new to this field. For those of us that are familiar with this, it is another area of study that helps define who we are. I will do my best to supply information that is easy to understand. 

The definition of Metaphysics as defined by Wikipedia is as follows: Metaphysics is a branch of philosophy concerned with explaining the fundamental nature of Being and the World.

Although the term is not easily defined. Traditionally Metaphysics attempts to answer two basic questions in the broadest possible terms.

1: What is there

2: What is it like

One of the best definitions of Science is best described by Ernest Holmes Founder of Religious Science. I am going to paraphrase this: If you practice the principals of this philosophy and it works (and it will) then you have discovered something for yourself. That is basically science. He also said that it does not matter your religious views or spiritual preference, if understood and practiced it would benefit you no matter what your belief. This is important! I know for me that when I started to practice these principal, I did make mistakes in the beginning, and still do. Know one is perfect in this human form. This is cause and effect. The more you try the easier it will get. When it does work for you you proved the theory accurate. 

Let us start with, What is There.
There are Natural Laws in the Universe and once understood and firmly set in our minds our lives and circumstances will change forever. Once the knowledge is understood, we can no longer claim innocence’s of the Laws.

There seems to be a lot of confusion around the word Metaphysics. It is viewed by many to be a fringe belief. Here is the truth! Every Great Thinker, Teacher and Spiritual Leader knew about these Natural Laws. Look at the Law of Gravity, Law of Electricity, Law of Fire, I could go on and yet we as humans seem to be stubborn.

OH YES! We discover lots of things but struggle with our own well being. Always searching for who we are.

It is like God said to him or herself: I am going to give man or women the greatest gifts. I will give themselves Discovery and the ability to have anything they desire. I am going to hide it from them. I will put it in the ONE place they will never look. I will hide it in them. We are always looking outside ourselves when all we have to do is turn within. If you study Metaphysics-For-Better-Living you will get the clarity you seek.

So what is Metaphysical Science, We already know what it is. Just accept it. We all know about these other Laws so what makes any of the Laws you are now learning about any different. Some people are afraid of the unknown.

See Law of Attraction and Spiritual Science There is only One God, One Universal Mind that we all use so lets take time for ourselves and expand our consciousness.

Metaphysical Science is just one of the tools this website offers to get you to the the next level. What comes next is important.

These lessons are to help those who believe in theses Universal Laws how to use them. As soon as a law is discovered experiments are made with it, certain facts are proved to be true, and in this way a science is gradually formulated; for any science consists of the number of known facts about any given principle. As more and more facts are gathered and proven, the science expands and gradually becomes accepted by all and used by those who understand it. In this way all of our sciences have been evolved until to-day we have the use of powers and unseen forces of which our ancestors never even dreamed.

Metaphysical Science is the study of these Spiritual Laws.

If you are serious about becoming more enlighten, please bookmark this website. You can also go to Metaphysical Freedom and write your own page.

Open up your heart and have the Faith of a child.

"Imagination is more important than knowledge."

Albert Einstein

Metaphysical Science
is just another step!

The Call by Ernest Holmes:

"This I saw, or else some inner presence made it known to me;
The Universe is filled with life; the air, the sky, the sea Teem with intelligence, with majesty and might; 
And deep within me, some subtle inner sight Beholds and sees, comprehends and knows the All, Nor fears nor falters, 
but answers the Divine Call
To be as one beyond the bounds of time and space, To overcome the bondage of the human race, 
And leap, with trust undaunted, free, 
Into the deeps of that Infinite Sea Whose waters, calm, 
are ready to receive Those, who in simple faith, believe."

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