I Think Therefore I Am
Authored By Rev. Carol


I Think Therefore I Am.

As God contemplated Itself as you, a state of consciousness was expressed or made into form.

We can make our dreams a reality.

If we develop our Christ Consciousness on a daily basis. We can and will demonstrate fulfillment of any true desire. As we work with Spiritual Mind treatments[Prayer] daily we will see results.

One of the avenues we need to explore is opening our hearts and mind to our spiritual nature. Turning Inward to that Presence and Power of God within us. It is recognizing that their Mind and Power of God is right where we are, individualized as us with no separation.

We can try and raise our minds to a higher state of awareness but without realizing our spiritual connection the results would be dramatically different. We must know who we are not just say it. Sometimes I cannot find the right words to help you understand. If you have given birth and the wonderment at that moment when you first experienced your baby for the first time, If you could hold onto that feeling and wonderment in everything you do and believe that you can create in your life like you created that baby you will be there.

I Think Therefore I am!
Am I Special?
What is the Thinker?

The Spirit of God is everywhere present, all-knowing, all-loving, all-powerful. We now need to know that this Universal Spirit is individualized itself as me, as you, even before we were ever conceived of. Think about that statement. For you to be, to exist, Infinite Mind had to conceive of you, and this focus of you, on you, as you, was the beginning of the individualizing process, out of which you came into being.

As God contemplated Itself as you, a state of consciousness was expressed or made into form. Now, remember consciousness means ... awareness, understanding, and knowledge. And that original state of consciousness that you had was a Omniscient awareness and Omnipotent. A total understanding of God. This became your consciousness.

The thinker and the thought become one. So in truth, the reality of you is God knowing itself as God, God knowing itself as you, and you knowing yourself as God.  WOW, Give that some real good thought.  

Now with this understanding how do we create success and abundance in our lives?

Let us go back to the definition of consciousness. Remember, it is awareness, understanding, and knowledge. And it is the key to opening the door to our personal secret place.

Try this experiment with me: Close your eyes and visualize a red rose. Can you see that red rose? Of course, you can. You can see it because it has been brought into your conscious awareness. You are now aware of the red rose, therefore, you are now conscious of it. Now think of the Christ Self, the Spirit of God within, around, and through you, occupying the same space that you do.

To get the full impact of this awareness, you have to feel it ... so think about this statement for a moment. 

"There is a super consciousness of God within me now. It is the master self that I AM in truth, the Christ Consciousness that I AM, and it is closer than breathing, nearer than hands and feel. I look within and sense this all-knowing Mind, and I feel the Presence of Love in my Heart."

Do you see what you are doing? You are becoming more aware of your True Nature, the Christ within you. You are enlarging the essence of the spiritual awareness deep within your soul into the truth. Understand that the more you are consciously aware of your God Self, the more that Self fills your consciousness, the greater your understanding of It will be. Also, the greater your understanding, the greater your knowledge, and this knowledge is Law.

In the process of  expanding consciousness, you literally take the character of your true nature. This is why it is so important to spend time in daily meditation, in contemplative meditation where you reflect upon, and think about, and consider fully the wholeness and completeness of your God-self, who you are in truth - knowing that through that contemplation you are drawing the presence of God right into your consciousness, and with this feeling, your consciousness becomes cause to your world. You are no longer just an effect ... with Christ in you, your hope of glory, you become CAUSE. And truly all things are possible.

Ernest Holmes was asked;

When did Law first come into operation?

No one knows. Law is. Every inquiry into the truth starts with a self-evident premise.

I Think; therefore, I am. Life is; because I can observe it.

Thank you for reading I Think Therefore I Am .

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