I Think Therefore I Am 2

Authored By Rev. Carol

On this page, I Think Therefore I Am 2 we need to look at choosing, the thing, circumstance, situation or experiences that we deeply desire - knowing that desire is the first stem in the action cycle.

Without desire, nothing happens. Without desire, the universe and  everything we know would not be in existence. Without desire, you would not exist. Desire comes forth as an activity of your Higher Self, stirring you up to realize that It wants to do more for you - through you. When you want something that cannot hurt you or anyone else, and will bring good into your life, it is your spiritual self, tugging at your heart stings - trying to get your attention.

As Emmett Fox has said "Get the thought of what you want as clear as you can. If you say "I want something, I don't know what  I will leave it to God: IF you say "I want a business, it may be a farm or a shop - I will leave it to Divine Mind - you are foolish. What are you hear for"?

You must have some desire and wishes, because you represent God here. So make a list check it twice and put it in writing - and understand what you are doing in this process, is choosing your reality. Once you begin to exercise control in your life by choosing, the Spirit within you will speak to you, through your intuition, guiding you to choose even greater experiences, or showing you something better from the vantage point  of a higher vision. But you must make the first move. You must make the choice and then follow the process all the way through as though your path was illuminated by the wisdom of Spirit every inch of the way. If you begin the process by tuning into your higher self, you will find it impossible to make mistakes or take a wrong turn. Even if the choice you choose to make was not in your best interest. You need to understand that once you, being  God's expression, must stay in tune with the Christ Vibration within, Spirit will literally go before you to straighten out any crooked turns in the road and will keep you on safe ground.

I Think Therefore I Am 2
and you!

Many people also get confused about the choosing process, thinking that since God has already given us everything, then they are complete and whole. So why do we have to choose? All the good that God has for us has already been given to the Reality within us. So in truth, we do have everything right now. But we have to claim it.

Acceptance means when you choose something,  Spirit will move into the subjective area of the Mind. But unless you accept it right then and there, it will leave and return to the higher consciousness.

A spiritual thought does not stay where it is not welcomed or accepted.

Charles Filmore explained that "All of God's gifts to us, are first in thought form, and when we appropriate and accept these thought forms, a pattern or expression of that thought form is established in consciousness." He says, "The patterns arrest or 'bottle ups' the free electric units that sustain the visible thing".

And from the writing of Ernest Holmes  "Spirit cannot make it right unless you accept it. Life may have given everything to you, but only that which you accept is your's to use".

So accept the increased income, the new job, the new car, the new house, the new relationship, fullness of your feeling nature.

When you accept something, you HAVE it even if what you accept is still in invisible form. If you have a need and you accept that you have it, your consciousness will begin to shift from a sense of need to a sense of HAVE. The fulfillment is yours even before you see it in visible form or experience. And when you have something as part of your consciousness, you can "I AM" it with affirmative statements and thoughts.

For example, if you choose and accept all abundance of supply, the pattern of that divine idea is established in mind. Therefore, in truth, you HAVE the abundant supply, and you make it a reality in consciousness by personalizing it.

I am rich! I am the lavish abundance of the universe individualized. All that the Father, Mother God has is mine, and my prosperity is assured. I am now filled and thrilled with the consciousness of abundance and plenty.

Can you see that an affirmation at this step in the process becomes an acknowledgement! You are simply stating that which is absolutely true, rather than trying to convince the subconscious of something that you hope will be true at some future date.

By working with the principle of HAVE you are working in the NOW and that's where the activity of God always is.

As Joel Goldsmith has written "By acknowledging that we have, we shall demonstrate have."

We are constantly photographing upon the invisible substance. The picture that we are creating will be our future conditions. This silent photographer is called the imagination. Through imagination, we have the power to change misfortune into favorable situations, disease into health, unhappiness into joyousness.

Visualization is controlled mental picturing. With this kind of disciplined mental production you can truly mold conditions and shape events.

I Think Therefore I Am 2 along with the rest of this essay will help to give you a better understanding of the Law of Attraction.

"What you think, matters, Literally. What you think turns into matter, material, form, substance, experience."


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