It's My Life
Authored by Rev. Carol

It's my Life, This is what we should be asking ourselves. What can I do to enhance it. Am I wanting to grow more spiritual. What can I really do about it.

Well this article by Rev. Carol will help.

The Spirit of Life: Taken and expanded from Creative Thought Magazine Aug. “95” In Science of Mind, Dr. Ernest Holmes define Spirit as “Life of Intelligence conceived of entirely apart from physical embodiment. It is vital essence, force, energy as distinct from matter.” He goes on to say, “spirit is Self-propelling. It is Absolute and All.. It is the Word and the Word is Volition:”

Volition, what a word! Volition is the power of decision. Implied in that power is the power to be self-determined and self-propelled. This power if we make the decision, sets us free in the universe to discover the Truth of our being and to determine the quality of our lives.

Just how self-propelled we are is our choice.

It's My Life-Your Life
Lets Fulfill It!

We already know that Life gives Itself to Itself passionately. For our part, to be more fully alive, we are expected to be more than merely self-propelled. Our desire for greater living demands that we be fully engaged in the spirit of Life.

Choosing to express Life passionately is nothing less than entering into a sacred covenant with Spirit. This covenant is this: Life gives Itself to us. Spirit fills us with desire and saturates us with possibilities. We in turn, agree to give expression to these divine urges and to explore our potential. When we allow ourselves to discover our neural propensity for living passionately, life throws open all doors for us. This is when we live life exuberantly.

It's my life and yours and we can enhance it.

If we feel that life is more mundane than exuberant, say to yourself it's my life and how do we break free from routine, to living the passion and the spirit of Life?

We do this by revealing our own unique passions for living. This discovery process requires that we first look within and tell ourselves the truth of how we feel about all the elements of our lives. We must make an agreement with ourselves to tell the truth about how we really feel about ourselves, our work, our significant relationships, the quality of our spiritual lives and the way we spend our spare time. It is here, in the privacy of our own hearts, that we are to whisper the truths we may not have told ourselves before.

It's my life and yours so this is and important exercise.

Do not take this lightly, this is a vital exercise. Now we must know how we really feel about ourselves and each element of our lives before we can do anything to upgrade our lives from the ordinary to the passionate. When we have told ourselves the truth about any element of our lives, we are ready for the next step to passionate living. Now we are prepared to exercise the spirit of Life, the power of decision. Every time we really feel and then make a decision that allows us to enjoy life more fully, we have entered into the spirit of Life.

Here we say to ourselves again It's my life. Now we might ask ourselves questions like the following; Will I love again? Will I paint the house? Who will I invite to my home for Thanksgiving dinner this year? Am I going home for the holidays?

Some of these choices may seem more significant than others, but are they really?

Every decision we make that brings more joy into our experience is significant, and it lets the Universe know we desire more. Every time we choose to express our true desire, we are aligning ourselves more closely, in the moment, with Life giving to Itself. How passionately Life is able to express through us is determined by us, for we are self determining creatures. Live your highest thought.

However, we’re not speaking of just one option: it is the accumulation of all our choices that makes our lives.

It is God’s intention for us to be happy and fulfilled in our lives. The choices we make either honor or frustrate that divine intention.

We can be assured that when we choose to live life passionately, Life will support us. Whatever is required of us from the ordinary to the extraordinary is already available to use.

We hold an open invitation to choose, moment by moment to let Life live fully through us. We need only enter into our covenant with Life and agree to live life to the hilt. When we do this, the Divine Urge finds expression though us.

It's My Life and It's Your Life let's not squander it


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