Healing Power Of Prayer

Is there such a thing as the Healing Power of Prayer? How can you heal yourself or others. Is it possible?

Lets talk about Healing! Who does the healing? 

When we talk about the Law of Attraction or God or Universal Mind, “Which are all the same” how does this or does this have anything to do with healing.

Depending on your Spiritual belief, the answer will be different for everyone. I personally do not believe there is a God you sits in judgment and throws down a Blessing once in a while if we are good. God has instilled in us and the Universe the Greatest Gift. The gift of self realization. This gift allows us to create our reality. It also why the healing power of prayer is effective.

I believe healing is or can be more immediate, depending on your consciousness. The Healing Power of Prayer is real. We do have a part in healing along with the God in us.

We are more than our physical appearance. We are all fields of energy attracting to us that which we put out.

How is your energy? Are you attracting people into your life that can be a positive influence on you.

I will now talk about my own personal experiences surrounding healing. I am a Science of Mind Minister and have learned what the science part of SOM is, if you practice this or anything else and it works for you then you proved a theory. This is the science of SOM. You also helped yourself in the process.

Let me give you some examples on the 

Healing Power of Prayer:

When I was living in CT I had a friend who was Catholic. He asked me to be a part of his prayer group. In this group they would pray the rosary. I am open to all things because it all leads to the same place. So I participated for a while. These people in the group really believed in what they were doing so the energy was excellent. One day one of the group members came with a request.

She was head nurse in a teaching hospital in New Haven, Ct. She told us of this little boy who was 12yrs old and diagnosed with an incurable disease. He had all the tests and x rays and was given 6 months or so to live. For the next couple of weeks we all prayed the rosary and and asked for Mary to heal this boy.

Soon after this I left the group and moved to another town. Around a year later a letter found me and it was from the nurse in the prayer group and it explained how this little boy when given a blood test and then x rays was found to have no more of the disease in him. I was told the doctors had no explanation other than it was a miracle.

Who healed the boy? Was it Mary and the rosary or was it the belief that praying the rosary would heal the boy, which then it would be the Law of Attraction or God working thru us and reflecting back that which we were projecting.

Scriptures on Healing Shift Our Beliefs 

To Allow Us To Receive Physical Healing

Next Example of the Healing Power of Prayer:

Again while living in Ct my former wife and I founded a Center for Spiritual healing and studies. At this time I was teaching or taking classes everyday. My energy level was high because of the amount of positive input I was receiving.

On Christmas morning after making bacon she decided it was a good idea to put hot grease in a cold wet jar. It exploded and she burned her hand and arm. We went to the emergency room and after being checked out the doctor told us after the burns healed she would need a skin graph if she did not want scars. At that moment I was moved by a great inner urging to put my hands over her hand and arm and pray. I knew that my words would be reflected back to me just as I spoke them. I felt Ext-ream peace. We were given some special cream for burns and sent home. Today she has no scars. Who did the Healing? Was it me or God working thru me. Or was it the Universe reflecting back to me that which I sent out. Or was it all of the Above.

Another example of the Healing Power of Prayer:

This time I was in Florida and was associated with a group of physics and healers. I personally observed laying on of hand and healing. Again how did the healing happen?. In the Bible when Jesus was lecturing and a old woman knew if she could just touch the ropes of Jesus she would be healed. Then Jesus said your faith has healed you. Was it Jesus who did the healing? or was it the belief in the woman being so strong and absolute that did the healing? Did she heal herself? These are all interesting stories and the conclusion I come to is that it does not matter what you believe in but the energy in that belief that you transmit from yourself.

What do you believe?

Is there such a thing as the Healing Power of Prayer.

Let me know, it is important for our spiritual growth.

All things are possible in God.

Is The Healing Power Of Prayer Important To You?

"You have missed a lot in this lifetime because you didn't have the knowledge to understand what you were missing. Why do you want to continue to hold onto your limitations? Why would you want to sit there and argue with your neighbor about how messed up you are? Every time you say that, it becomes the law, and that becomes your destiny. When are you going to give that up? That silly, prideful, victimizing, degrading statement that denies your greatness? When are you going to make a decision not to be confused? Not to be ill? When are you going to make a decision to be a genius? When are you going to decide not to struggle any more? How many days must you dwindle away and miss an unbelievable reality? How many more days are you doing to postpone your manifestations of health, wealth and happiness? You don't have to miss any more. Just give it all up and let God!"      Ramtha

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