Metaphysics the Beginning

Metaphysics is the foundation of philosophy

Everyone starting a new journey must start at the beginning. For me reading one book by Louise Hay (How To Heal Your Life) sent me looking for more. She was a Science Of Mind Minister, and this is the path I chose.

Along the way I studied most world religions and found that they are all fairly similar below the surface.

Before we start to discuss this topic it would be helpful to understand were it came from. “Metaphysical” comes from the Greek word “meta” meaning "beyond" and “physical” refers to “natural or material”. 

With out an explanation or an interpretation of the world around us, we would be helpless to deal with reality.

We could not feed ourselves, or act to preserve our lives. The degree to which our metaphysical worldview is correct is the degree to which we are able to comprehend the world, and act accordingly.

Without this firm foundation, all knowledge becomes suspect. Any flaw in our view of reality will make it more difficult to live.

As we combine beyond with physical which pertains to the real or touchable we get a better idea why many today fear anything that can not be seen or touched.

The metaphysical field is not easily defined. There is so much information about the origins and philosophy it is not easy to put into terms everyone one will understand. I will do my best to help you understand so you can use this on your spiritual journey. 

Philosophy, Religion, Mysticism, Yoga, ESP, Dreams, Jungian Psychology, Astrology, Meditation, Self-Help Studies, Positive Thinking, Life After Death, Reincarnation, etc. are all terms associated with Metaphysics today.

A person who studies Metaphysics or Metaphysical Science would be called either a meta-physicist or a metaphysician. The metaphysician attempts to clarify the fundamental notions by which people understand the world, including existence, the definition of Object (philosophy), Property (philosophy), space, time, causality, and possibility.

Metaphysics the Beginning starts with Socrates an  Aristotle {384 b.c - 322 b.c} who are credited for this philosophy.

I am not going to get into all the origins here. We are more interested in how it will benefit us today.

The Metaphysical Dictionary on my site will give you a great deal of information and teach you the terminology. This will be important for you. So understanding These terms will help you understand what I am teaching, and the Founders of Metaphysics will talk  about this in great depth.

People who study this important spiritual field today, see It as a spiritual philosophy of life. As I said before it is so wide ranging, with fields of study such as, Psychics. Meditation, Yogis, Mystics, and all Positive Thinking teachers.

New Thought Teachers and all of us who study these principals of natural laws seriously, help us to better understand Existence. This site will help you answer all your questions about why you are here. 

Ernest Holmes the founder of Religious Science said one day he would hope that science and religion would come together to help prove the existence of GOD. I believe this is happening. I know that with all the great works that are available to us, and in this website you will find a lot of information to study. We are better able to see GOD working in our life's.

This poem was taken from the Science Of Mind text.

Freedom From Sin

"I am free from belief in sin; there is neither sin nor sinner.
There is no judgment against any one.
God does not condemn, and man cannot.
All fear of sin is removed from me; all theological belief in punishment is gone from me.
I do not allow myself to receive such suggestions, for I perceive that they are lies.
I am free from all lies and from all liars.
I live by the One Power, and no thought can enter to disturb me."


I promise that if you apply yourself in life and fully commit to your spiritual journey your life will improve. I have spent many years studying and writing and still feel that I am learning more every day. My life gets better every day. I can not fully put into words the before and after picture of my life. I do know that a little progress everyday will turn each tomorrow brighter. You can not change the past it has already been created, but tomorrow is wide open for your creation.

Metaphysics the Beginning is just that, a place to start. Continue on with the rest of the pages and you will be happy you did.

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Aristotle once said:

“One swallow does not make a summer, neither does one fine day; similarly one day or brief time of happiness does not make a person entirely happy.“ 

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