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High Quality CBD Oil can be purchased here! We care about you and we only offer quality products from family owned farms. It really is farm to you. We have researched and will provide you with all the information, so you can make a informed decision. I have chosen Hemp Lively because of the exceptional quality.

This next part is from the one of the owners of Hemp Lively.

Have you tried Hemp products before and they did NOTHING! Have you ever wondered why?

Let me explain…

First off, my name is David, I’m one of the owners of Hemp Lively. I also oversee all Formulations at our lab and the extraction from Hemp into Concentrate.

CBD is but one of 111 different Phytocannabinoids (plant cannabinoids) found in Hemp. Out of the 111, most hemp phenotypes have between 80-100 different phytocannabinoids.

These Phytocannabinoids are broken down into 2 categories, the Major Phytocannabinoids and the Minor Phytocannabinoids.

Major Phytocannabinoids are the most prevalent ones in Hemp. These are the ones you hear about on the news. There are 10 Major Phytocannabinoids which include CBD, CBG, CGN, CBC, etc.

The Major Phytocannabinoids you will see on a COA, which is the lab report showing the levels of these Phytocannabinoids.

Minor Phytocannabinoids make up the remaining 90 or so Phytocannabinoids. They are there in very small amounts, too small to show up on the lab tests but collectively makes up about 15% of the Concentrate used to make your products. This to 20% of the Total Phytocannabinoids and the reason these Minor Phytocannabinoids are so important to the effectiveness of a product.

Since there are only 10 that show up on the COA, then how do you know the other 90 Minor Phytocannabinoids are there?

Well…You Don’t. This is why it's important to get your Hemp products from a company you can trust, a company that handles their own extraction and manufacturing.

Why is this such a big problem?

Let’s talk a second about how products are made and why there is such a difference between a Hemp Lively product and other CBD companies.

Hemp products are usually made with one of two types of concentrates, either a CBD Isolate Powder, which is just CBD no other Phytocannabinoids or a Multiple-Phytocannabinoid (Full Spectrum / Whole Plant) Oil Concentrate (winterized or distillate).

Let’s start with the biggest problem, products made with CBD Isolate. Imagine walking into a Vitamin Store, knowing you need one particular vitamin and you don’t know which one to pick. There are 100 different ones on the shelf, but they are out of multivitamins and you only have enough money for one bottle. So you pick one and it doesn’t help. That’s the risk you take by using a product with ONLY one phytocannabinoid instead of 100.

Next lets talk about Full Spectrum Products. These products claim to have every available phytocannabinoid found in the Hemp it came from. However, that is rarely true. Here’s why…

Most CBD Manufacturers aren’t handling the extraction as well. Like most manufacturers, they simply source their ingredients, including the CBD Distillate Oil Concentrate, from a Supplier and put them together to make a finished product. Distillate is the most common type of concentrate. It’s the form of concentrate where ALL the unnecessary parts of the Hemp Plant have been removed: the fiber, the fats, lipids and waxes, and the chlorophyll.

The proportions of a Hemp Plant are fairly consistent. Hemp has around 10%-12% CBD. Once you remove the unnecessary parts of the hemp, you’ll now have a 1st Run Distillate. In this type of concentrate, the CBD concentration rises to right around 60% CBD (between 57%-67%). At this level, your concentrate will have between 5-8 of the Major Phytocannabinoid and between 80-90 Minor Phytocannabinoids. You will also have an array of Terpenes.

Here’s the issue…

Most of the Distillate being sold is between 80%-90% CBD . I can literally search my email and in less than 30 seconds find 10 examples of this.

How did they get the distillate to 80%? Is that even possible?

It sure is, but its not good news.

Remember 2 things. Only the Major Phytocannabinoids show up on the COA (lab test) the Minors don’t and 99% of CBD companies Never test to see if there’s Terpenes in their products.

So here’s what these suppliers are doing. Their taking an amazing 1st run Distillate and doing a 2nd and even a 3rd run through the extraction machine and they are removing the Minor Phytocannabinoids and Terpenes.

Why do Hemp Concentrate Suppliers remove the Minor Phyocannabinoids?

Because they can get away with it and because most CBD companies are simply Business men that are great at marketing, not someone looking after your best interest.

So when they go to the Concentrate Supplier and they see two options a kilo of distillate at 60% or one at 80% for just a little more. Well the 80% they can make a lot more products out of so that’s what they use.

The scary part for consumers is since only the Major Phytocannabinoids show up on the COA (lab results), there’s no way to tell if the Minor Phytocannabinoids are in there. Why Hemp Lively is a trusted source for Hemp Products.

At Hemp Lively, we are not only a licensed Hemp Manufacturer in FL, but we also have a farming and extraction operation in Colorado. We are truly Seed to Sale

All of our products contain ALL the available Major and Minor Phytocannabinoids as well as an array of Terpenes.  

Full Panel Lab Tested COA

Potency: Potency tests check the concentrations for each phytocannabinoid and the total mg of phytocannabinoids in each bottle. 

 Phytocannabinoids: Hemp Lively products are phytocannabinoid rich with at least 5-8 phytocannabinoids in every product.

THC: All Whole Plant products contain less than 0.3% THC and of course our THC Free Hemp Oil has ZERO THC.TerpenesOur Whole Plant Hemp Oils and Hemp Gummies are made with Winterized Hemp Oil full of Terpenes.

Pesticides: All of our Hemp is grown organically without using any Pesticides.  Lab tested and Pesticide free.Residual SolventsOur CO2 extraction process does not use dangerous solvents during the process.  Lab Tested and free of Residual Solvents.

Heavy Metals: Water can contain high levels of metals which can remain in the plant.  Our hemp products are lab tested and heavy metal free.

Microbials: Dangerous microbial growth can occur on plant material.  Our hemp is immediately extracted an stored in our lab untiled used.

High Quality CBD Oil.
Why is the best CBD OIL found here?

Because of everything you just read.

High Quality CBD Oil

Hemp Lively is a trusted source for CBD, DELTA 8 HHC, AND DELTA 9

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