I Think Therefore I Am 3
Authored By Rev. Carol

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When you visualize, or practice controlled imagery, be sure to see yourself having the fulfillment of your desires in the present moment. Always work in the NOW. One way to hook yourself into the present is see yourself in the clothes you have on. Also keep in mind that you must not outline how your good is to come to you, or just how your desires are going to be fulfilled.

See yourself doing, beginning, having, and enjoying your good as an accomplished fact. IF you want a new car, see yourself having , driving and enjoying that car. Be sure to add color, sound and smell to your mental movie.

See the beauty of your environment, watch the movement of the people and bring into life a dimension to their activities. Listen as your friends congratulate you on your radiant health, or on your new success and prosperity.

Someone once told me "What you see is what you get, so create a masterpiece for yourself knowing that what you are seeing in mind, you are creating." Another point: Every scene, every picture, every character, and every situation in your visualization must be totally positive. Do not allow one single negative aspect to enter you mind during the process., Always see the best. Always image from your highest vision.

While you are visualizing your good, be sure to love what you see. Generate that warm and beautiful feeling of love and let it radiate through the images in your mind. Remember that Love Energy is the most powerful force in the universe.

I Think Therefore I Am 3
You and God!

"As long as you have certain desires about how it ought to be you can't see how it is."

Ram Dass

Substance is the reality of everything visible, the divine idea underlying all visible manifestation. And when you consciously radiate the energy of love, when you, with purpose of thought, send forth the currents of love through your own mind, when you love what you see with deep feeling, you are pushing substance and giving it a clear path to follow as it moves into your world to become form and experience. Substance is the raw material out of which everything visible is formed, and love is the force that forms it.

When you love what you see with all your heart, your images will stand out with great clarity and will become real to you. Through the love vibration, you unite the conscious, subconscious phase of your mind, and you truly embody the pattern that represents the fulfillment of your desire. You're power will help you to realize the truth of that which you are seeking and this realization must, by law out picture itself in your world.

As above, so below, As within, so without.

God made man by the power of word, and man/woman is co-creator with God using that same power. Let your good come forth, let it be done.

Now step back and let God do its work in bringing forth your desires. It means that we are totally willing to accept the Way and the Truth and the Light of our Higher Consciousness, which is always so much more then we could possibly conceive. God's Will is Good Will, and as Its will is made manifest in our lives, we will find that It wants more for us than we want for ourselves. It greatly desire to give us so much more supply than we have asked for, so much more, joy, peace, beauty, a perfect body rather than just relief from pain and sickness, an ideal relationship instead of one that will soon fade away.

When we surrender to God, we are surrendering to a great good and a higher degree of happiness than we have ever known, we release our desires, our pictures, our willfulness, our mind, our body, our all. We turn everything over to the one true Spirit within and let each and every detail or our lies be perfected by Divine Vision, Power and Action. We get out of the way of the Divine and we let God be God. And how will we know if we have truly surrendered? By the total lack of concern, anxiety and outside pressure in our consciousness. This negative energy will have be replaced with the positive, peace, joy and confidence, and we will find ourselves beginning to live.

At this point of a joyful heart filled with thanksgiving and praise an overwhelming sense and feeling of gratitude because you KNOW that your problems are solved and your needs are meet. Always remember that your desires are first fulfilled in consciousness, and then they come forth in the outer world. So the secret of this step is to be thankful while your good is still invisible. You cannot wait until you possess the visible form to express your gratitude or you will delay the entire process, or perhaps cancel it.

The universe's creative system is in operation and the activity of Spirit is moving in divine order. But for you to be in tune with all the channels that God has selected for your good there must be a deep feeling of gratitude in your heart. Gratitude releases a dynamic current of spiritual energy to go before you to exert a mighty influence in your world. It not only eliminate negative patterns in the subconscious caused by ingratitude, but it literally forms a connecting link between you and every possible source of good in your life. There is only one source, but God works in mysterious ways, and it reforms It's wonders through an infinite number of channels. And though a feeling of gratitude and praise for the consciousness within you, you put yourself in alignment with all the riches of the universe.

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