I Think Therefore I Am 4

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Now that you are done visualizing and giving thanks you must move into action. If you just sit around waiting for God to drop your good in your lap, God will show you more than two dozen new ways to sit. because the Law works through you according to your activity in the NOW.

We have to rise from our prayers and meditations and spiritual mind treatments and follow through with the action that is indicated to us, through our intuitions or our hunches. We must make some definite move. The Masters call this the positions process, and it means that we position ourselves through action in order to receive our good.

When we complete our treatment we must move out into our world to do that which is before us to do, to the very best of our ability, always listening to that inner feeling for guidance. IF we are out of work, take the first thing that comes to you, while continuing to work spiritually for your True Place. If you're out of money, find a way to earn some, and do the best you can, even if its sweeping floors, while you're working on a prosperity consciousness of lavish abundance.

I Think Therefore I Am 4
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"Man is more than a material form with a mind inside, which must escape from its environments in order to be immortal. Man reflects infinity, and this reflection is the true idea of God."

Mary Baker Eddy

Remember that God always meets us on the level where we are in consciousness, which means that regardless of where we are in our spiritual development, God can and will meet our needs. But we must also have our part to play as a co-creator. And the greater the sense of oneness with the Spirit of God within, the greater the activity on the physical plane must be. With each action dedicated to pleasing your God-Self.

For example, if you are still filled with fear and doubt, even after your treatment, then get as active as you can and as quickly as you can. Begin to clean the house or yard, car or office, as it has never been cleaned before, or complete that project that you have been putting off, and do it to the very best of your ability. Once you have completed this initial work, turn within and ask your Higher Self. What do you have me do now?

The thought will flash into your mind, and you must follow the instructions to the letter.

Through these activities and physical energy, you will find burdens dropping from you're shoulders and a sense of peace entering your consciousness. Through your actions you will not only have eliminated your fears, but also the cause of your fears. When this happens, your intuitive faculty will open again and the hunches, the inner feelings, and the guidance will come forth to lead you in the direction that God wants you to go. And follow each lead, thinking of each one as a vital link in a chain reaction that will result in the total fulfillment of your desires, stem out into action today, to what needs to be done. An soon you will find Spirit working through you to perform all that is appointed to you through you, and you will live your life as a beholder of God in action, and your earth will truly be your heaven.

We can make our dreams a reality. If we develop our Christ Consciousness on a daily basis. We can and will demonstrate fulfillment of any true desire. As we work with Spiritual Mind treatments daily we will see results.

One of the avenues we need to explore is opening our heart and mind to our spiritual nature. Turning into that Presence and Power of God within us. It is recognizing that their Mind and Power of God is right where we are, individualized as us with no separation. We can try and raise our mind to a higher state of awareness but without realizing our spiritual connection the results would be dramatically different.

As we all know her or him, the Spirit of God is everywhere present, all knowing, all loving, all powerful. We now need to know that this Universal Spirit is individualized itself as me, as you, even before we were ever conceived of. Think about that statement. In or for you to be, to exist, Infinite Mind had to conceive of you, and this focus of you, on you, as you, was the beginning of the individualizing process, out of which you came into being.

As God contemplated Itself as you, a state of consciousness was expressed or made into form. Now remember consciousness means ... awareness, understanding and knowledge.

And that original state of consciousness that you had was a Omnipotent awareness and Omnipotent understand and a total understanding of God. This became your consciousness.

The thinker and the thought becomes one. I Think Therefore I Am.

So in truth, the reality of you is God knowing itself as God, God knowing itself as you, and you knowing yourself as God.

I want to thank Rev. Carol for her continued support of this website Metaphysics- For-Better-Living.

I want to say that you are the only one responsible for your life. Please take the time and effort it takes to make it the best life you can.

Rev Bill

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