Dealing With Guilt

Dealing with guilt! Most of us are an accumulation of thoughts given to us by society. As infants we are perfect in every way.

A true expression of God.

Men are not prisoners of fate,

but only prisoners of their own minds.”

F R A N K L I N D. R O O S E V E L T

As we grow we are filled with ideas and religious input that helps to mold who we become. Unfortunately most of us do not grow up in a nurturing environment. When we try to find out way and discover who we are it usually is contracted to something we had always believed to be true. Going against these beliefs gives us a sense that we are doing something wrong. This is not always conscious, although it lays just beneath the surface of our mind. In a loving environment we are encouraged to explore without the boundaries of society. Without this, we are floundering in self doubt and feeling guilty that we should have such thoughts.

Eldon Taylor says: Social beliefs: "These are among our strongest personal beliefs and often conflict with individual desires. We’re basically told what’s acceptable and what isn’t; and being herd animals, we simply follow along."

As you see dealing with guilt is not something to be ashamed of, it is something to realize, to know it is holding you back from the real you. This is why being aware of our thoughts at all times is one of the things we need to work on until it becomes a habit.

A habit is usually worked on for 21 straight days and it starts to become natural.

Dealing With Guilt
Learning To Let Go

Ralph Waldo Trine say's it like this:

"Loving yourself is living to your highest moral and spiritual aptitude. That is loving yourself.

And to love another person is only equal to what you feel about yourself spiritually.

The thing clearly to understand is this: That the thought is always parent to the act. Now, we have it entirely in our own hands to determine exactly what thoughts we entertain. In the realm of our own minds we have absolute control, or we should have, and if at any time we have not, then there is a method by which we can gain control, and in the realm of the mind become thorough masters.

In order to get to the very foundation of the matter, let us look to this for a moment. For if thought is always parent to our acts, habits, character, life, then it is first necessary that we know fully how to control our thoughts."

Please take this page to heart. It is your life and all of us need to learn to Love Ourselves so that we can better love one another.

Dealing with guilt is not something we should have to live with. Do this for yourself and for the ones you love.


"I want you to work on the principle of taking the position of the Observer and really observing. Never take the position of the emotions. Never take the position of guilt. Don’t even recognize it. Never take the position of the victim. Don’t even recognize it. Never even take the position of your sexuality. Don’t even recognize it. Never take the position of lack. Don’t even recognize it. I want you to be the Observer, the one to whom the voices you have always been are trying to make a point."

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