Power Of Thoughts


Power of Thoughts, the power of your thoughts!

I will try and show you how important it is to be aware of what you say and how you say it. You will understand that your thoughts and how you react to them is what will direct your life. We need to understand that you are not just a body of Radom chemicals and bones, you are a spiritual being able to create your environment based on what you believe and what you think.

The Bible says this: "It is not what goes into the mouth that defiles a person, but what comes out of the mouth; this defiles a person.” Matthew 15:11

I will give you an example:  I was very satisfied with how my life was going and the amount of work I was experiencing. This year I became aware of a shift in my thinking. My negative thinking about my work and what was happening was becoming intolerable.

I personally, by accepting the negative, created more of it. We all by our collective consciousness are bound by limitations. It is all we see on a daily basis. All we have is our thoughts and experiences. Because of this we are limited. So what do we do.

We become aware of the power of thoughts and learn to control them. We can learn to do anything. It takes 21 days to change a bad habit into a good habit.

What would be helpful is to start journaling. It is important to write down what you think, this way you can observe and see if these thoughts are what you want.

  • Post this journal where you can see it.
  • Carry it around with you and read it often.

This will enable you to consciously observe your thoughts and change what you do not want. Do this for 21 days and you will see a change in your thinking.

You will now start to realize the power of your thought. You will see a difference in your everyday experiences.


"KNOWING that Mind is, we have a principle that is absolute; it is exact; it is going to correspond to our thinking about it. The first great necessity is to believe this; without belief we can do nothing. This is the reason Jesus said "It is done unto you even as you have believed." Always it is done unto people as they believe, and there is Something that does it which never fails. We must believe that our word is formed upon and around by this creative Mind; for instance, we wish to create activity in our business; we believe that our word is law about that thing, and there is something that takes our thought and executes it for us. If we have accepted the fact that all is mind and that the thought is the thing, we shall see at once that our word is the power behind the thing, and that it depends upon the word or thought that we are sending out. (See Creative Mind and Success by the author.) So plastic is mind, so receptive, that the slightest thought makes an impression upon it. People who think many kinds of thought must expect to receive a confused manifestation in their lives. If a gardener plants a thousand kinds of seeds, he will get a thousand kinds of plants; it is the same in mind.

Our Part The Power of Thoughts

CREATIVE MIND cannot force itself upon us because we have the power of self-choice. It recognizes us when we recognize it. When we think that we are limited or have not been heard, it must take that thought and bring it into manifestation for us. When we look about us and see nature so beautiful, lavish and so limitless, when we realize that something, some power, is behind all, and sees to it that plenty obtains everywhere, so that in all things manifest there is more than could be used; and when on the other hand we see man so limited, sick, sad and needy, we are disposed to ask this question: "Is God good after all? Does He really care for the people of His creation? Why am I sick? Why am I poor?" Little do we realize that the answer is in our own mouths, in the creative power of our own thought. The average person when told the Truth will still seek some other way. God has already done for us--in a mechanical way--all that He can do; and having been given the ability, we will have to do for ourselves the rest. Yet the Great Power is always near, ready at any time to help, but we must use it according to its own nature in harmony with its laws. Man should learn that he himself is the center of this Divine activity. Realizing this, he must seek more and more to utilize his own Divine nature, and by so doing he will come more fully under the protection of the great laws that govern all life, manifest and unmanifest. Whatever man is, he must find that because he is made out of God, he must be of the same nature. This Infinite One cannot know anything outside of itself; anything that would be a contradiction of its Divine nature; man's ignorance of his real nature binds him with his own freedom, until he comes to see things as they really are, and not as they appear to be. In the Infinity of mind, which is the principle of all metaphysics and of all life, there is nothing but mind, and that which mind does. That is all there is in the Universe. That is all there ever was or ever will be. This mind is acted upon by our thought, and so our thought becomes the law of our lives. It is just as much a law in our individual lives as God's thought is in the larger life of the Universe. For the sake of clearness, think of yourself as in this Mind, think of yourself as a center in it. That is your principle. You think, and Mind produces the thing. One of the big points to remember is that we do not have to create; all that we have to do is to think. Mind, the only Mind that there is, creates. Few people seem to understand the nature of the law and so think that they have got to do something, even if it is only holding a thought; thinking or knowing is what does the thing. It will make it much easier for us when we realize that we do not have to make anything, just to know; that there is something back of the knowing which does the work for us. That person gets the best results who realizes that he can use this divine principle; he who can get the clearest concept of his idea, and who can rely on mind to do for him, keeping everything out of his thought that would contradict the supremacy of Spirit or Mind. By simply holding a thought we could not make anything but by knowing in mind what cannot we do?"

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Power of Thoughts
Your Thoughts

The Word is a mighty Power, and that Word is in me and through me now.

My Word is one with the All Good and cannot fail to accomplish the desired ends.
My Word goes forth with Power unto everything that I do, say or think.
The Word is my Power by day and by night.

I will speak the Word and trust in the great Law of Life to fulfill it.

I speak the word in full confidence.

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