When we talk about Daily Reflections what are we really expecting to happen?

Are you giving thanks to GOD for another day? or maybe you want to commune with your creator, Or just thinking about the life you have now, so you can feel more connected to the Universe.

I agree with all of the above. When we can start our day with a good Moral Inventory, there is no better way to start Living Consciously. What do I mean by Moral Inventory? We take a good look at our Character Defects and make a decision to change areas of our lives that are creating conflict for us. Living in this world and being in human form leaves us open to our egos. There are always some kind of little things we all would wish were different. Maybe there are life changing decisions you need to make. Without reflecting on them you will be lost to the merry- go- round of life.

Perhaps you experience Marriage Conflict in your life. This is a major concern for a lot of people. Daily Reflections are the perfect way to start healing your Soul.

Remember That What You Think About Most You Are Creating.

So you can see the importance of Positive Thinking and looking at ourselves and how our thoughts and feelings can impact our minds. Put only clear, concise, and positive emotions out into the Universe.

Daily Affirmations are a great way to get out of your negative thinking and start seeing your life fresh. Affirming our oneness with GOD will help maintain a clear vision.

The Power of the Universe is forever flowing in and around us. Positive Thinking is one of the most important things we must remember in creating our ideal life.

When this is done in the morning, start by visualizing the way you want your day to go and really feel how it would be. Enjoy being in the moment, affirm that your day is going to happen just as you see it. Then give thanks to your GOD and know it is all ready happening the way you envisioned it.

Next, live your day the way you expect it to happen.

Try and I know it can be challenging to go thru your day with purpose. Every free second you have give thanks for what is happening. Pay close attention to your thoughts and what you are thinking and saying. When I walk to get the mail, or across a parking lot at the grocery store or maybe just sitting for a minute, reflect on that which is happening around you. Look at the wind blowing thru the branches of a tree. Watch the birds or squirrels playing. Take the time to be in the moment. The more you do this the easier it will become until you are doing it without realizing it. This is when magic in your life will start to happen.

Louise Hay

Louise Hay says that whatever you think, say, watch, and do will impact your future, you won’t see how what you’re doing right now will impact but after a few years, you will realize that, oh, I did that and this is what I got today.

You Can Heal Your Life is about,

  • First, Forgive yourself, so you don’t have to Forgive anyone.
  • You won’t be able to love someone if you don’t love yourself, so start loving yourself.
  • The past has gone, and the future is yet to come, so live the movement because that’s the right thing to do.
  • Affirmations will change your life for good.
  • Visualization and imagination are key parts of us, so think positively because there is nothing good about negative thinking.

So let’s go deep down and see how change will change your life.

Daily Reflections creating what you think!

One Spirit.

Think it. Breathe it!
Live in it! Absorb it!

Eva Bell Werber

At night give thanks for the lessons learned. Know that your day, and it Was Your Day, just like you created it was the Law of Attraction in Action.

Look at all the events of the day and realize everything happened for a reason. There are no coincidences. Ask yourself, what did I learn. What unexpected gifts did I receive today?

Look closely because they are there. If something did not go the way you would have liked, go back and change it. See it the way you would have liked it to go. Know you had a day given to you by GOD.

Do not underestimate the power of Daily Reflections.

Now give thanks for the perfect night's sleep You Are About To Have. Meditate on the peacefulness of the moment. You are now asleep.

You will learn throughout this website, Metaphysics-For-Better-Living how to handle life's decisions. Please take time for yourself. Help yourself stay in the moment by sitting and reflecting on your day.

Miracles, The Shooting Stars of Everyday Life

"Miracles happen every day. Not just in remote country villages or at holy sites halfway across the globe, but here, in our own lives. They bubble up from their hidden source, surround us with opportunities, and disappear. They are the shooting stars of everyday life. When we see shooting stars, their rarity makes them seem magical, but in fact, they streak across the sky all the time. We just don't notice them during the day, dazzled as we are by sunlight, and at night they emerge only if we happen to look up at the right place in a clear, dark sky.


"Although we think of them as extraordinary, miracles also streak across our consciousness every day. We can choose to notice or ignore them, unaware that our destinies may hang in the balance. Tune into the presence of miracles, and in an instant, life can be transformed into a dazzling experience, more wondrous and exciting than we could even imagine. Ignore it, and an opportunity is gone forever." Depok Chopra 

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