GOD PROSPERITY? What does it mean to you?

It is different for everyone, someone might be happy with a good car, some of us strive for a healthy family and a safe house. What ever your goals are you need to know God wants us to prosper. Prospering or striving to succeed is not something we should be ashamed of.

I believe we all get confused about money because some religions talk about it in a negative way. There is Nothing wrong with money, although it has become an obsession in our society that actually works against us by becoming a constant tugging at the mind to the point it becomes a negative.

We have been conditioned to believe in what we read in the papers or here on the radio, maybe you here it in church but the emotion behind it is stopping you from manifesting prosperity or positive change. Remember the

Law of Attraction, you get what you focus on the most. Most of us believe, even if it on a subconscious level that true prosperity is out of our reach. It mostly comes from how most of us were raised.

I WAS TOLD TO MANY TIMES that you work hard and stop dreaming because people like us do not become rich. Well that is not what most religions teach.

Wealth is to be sought but not as an end in itself but to a means to a end. The true source of God Prosperity is with in us, it is God. The Buddha new that wealth in life would give us the opportunity to experience more, and there for we would have a happier more fulfilled life. Money does make life easier. God Prosperity is just another tool at our disposal that we need to learn how to use.

We should love money for the good it can do.

Dr Jon Speller wrote a great book called Seed Money in Action. It is in my Self Help Books section. I have read it many times and he gives these pearls of wisdom and great insight into how the Law of Attraction works.

The law of God Prosperity

"The principle of Seed Money is very simple:

1: Plant the Seed Money. Give the amount you wish to the organization or person you wish.

2: Now you cultivate your claim. Immediately after you make your gift, and as soon as you are alone, make your tenfold claim in the following manner: "Dear God, I have received $___ (tenfold the exact sum you have given) in return, with good to all concerned. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you."

3: Repeat this formula, time and again. Say it just before you fall asleep. Say it during the night if you waken. Say it several times the first thing in the morning. Do it enough and then relax and follow your normal routine. It is not necessary to overwork.

4: Start your work at a modest level, but high enough so that your gift and your multiplied return are both important to you, so that you will do the work as outlined conscientiously. If you start at too high a level so that you may begin to wonder from where all the money is coming, you are liable to incur doubts. Avoid doubts or they will manifest themselves in your results.

5: Tell no one of your claim or work. Do it in private. You may do it silently or aloud. You may write down your claim or claims and refer to them at times to refresh your mind. The only work you have to do is to impress the pattern on your mind.

6: In the event that your multiplied claim is not returned as rapidly as you think it should be after you have made your gift and done the work on your claim to the best of your ability, carefully repeat the above steps.

7: Give your gifts in the spirit of complete love and trust. Give boldly, happily, impulsively, full heartedly, lovingly and generously. It will return to you tenfold in the temporal counterpart of those spiritual qualities. Know that the law of tenfold return is always in operation. The Seed Money principle works in your favor when you work it. No one else can do it for you. You must do it for yourself—just as you must breathe for yourself.

Now having claimed what you wanted release it in the Universe and know it has already happened, in other words Read my page Positive Affirmation for great insight into affirming your intentions."

Let Go and Let God. Read my page Positive Affirmation for great insight into affirming your intentions, and it will teach you how to write your own."

Thank You for Visiting God Prosperity.

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