I know everyone has heard the term Let Go Let GOD.

Sounds pretty simple to me. So tell me, why is there so much hatred in the world. Well the short answer is EGO.

This definition is from Dictionary.com:

1: The "I" or self of any persona person as thinking, feeling, and willing and distinguishing itself from the selves of others and from objects of its thought.

2: Psychoanalysis. the part of the physic apparatus that experiences and reacts to the outside world and thus mediates between the primitive drives of the ID and demands of the social and physical environment.

Before we can LET GO LET GOD, we first have to learn to stop trying to control GOD. 


The Hidden Power, by Thomas Troward [1921], at sacred-texts.com

THERE are two kinds of submission: submission to superior force and submission to superior truth. The one is weakness and the other is strength. It is an exceedingly important part of our training to learn to distinguish between these two, and the more so because the wrong kind is extolled by nearly all schools of popular religious teaching at the present day as constituting the highest degree of human attainment. By some this is pressed so far as to make it an instrument of actual oppression, and with all it is a source of weakness and a bar to progress. We are forbidden to question what are called the wise dispensations of Providence and are told that pain and sorrow are to be accepted because they are the will of God; and there is much eloquent speaking and writing concerning the beauty of quiet resignation, all of which appeals to a certain class of gentle minds who have not yet learnt that gentleness does not consist in the absence of power but in the kindly and beneficent use of it.

Minds cast in this mold are peculiarly apt to be misled. They perceive a certain beauty in the picture of weakness leaning upon strength, but they attribute its soothing influence to the wrong element of the combination. A thoughtful analysis would show them that their feelings consisted of pity for the weak figure and admiration for the strong one, and that the suggestiveness of the whole arose from its satisfying the artistic sense of balance which requires a compensation of this sort. But which of the two figures in the picture would they themselves prefer to be? Surely not the weak one needing help, but the strong one giving it. By itself the weak figure only stirs our pity and not our admiration. Its form may be beautiful, but its very beauty only serves to enhance the sense of something wanting--and the something wanting is strength. The attraction which the doctrine of passive resignation possesses for certain minds is based upon an appeal to sentiment, which is accepted without any suspicion that the sentiment appealed to is a false one.

Now the healthful influence of the movement known as "The Higher Thought" consists precisely in this--that it sets itself rigorously to combat this debilitating doctrine of submission. It can see as well as others the beauty of weakness leaning upon strength; but it sees that the real source of the beauty lies in the strong element of the combination. The true beauty consists in the power to confer strength, and this power is not to be acquired by submission, but by the exactly opposite method of continually asserting our determination not to submit.

Of course, if we take it for granted that all the sorrow, sickness, pain, trouble, and other adversity in the world is the expression of the will of God, then doubtless we must resign ourselves to the inevitable with all the submission we can command, and comfort ourselves with the vague hope that somehow in some far-off future we shall find that

Let Go Let God
Trust Yourself

So how can you continue to see the world as real, if the self that is determining it to be real is intangible?
God must transcend the greatest of human weaknesses.
And, indeed, the greatest of human skill.
God must transcend even our most remarkable attempts to emulate nature in its absolute splendor.
How can any man or woman sin against such a greatness?
How can any carbon unit on Earth, in the backwaters of the Milky Way - indeed, the boondocks - possibly betray God Almighty? That is impossible.
The height of arrogance is the height of control of those who would recreate God in their own image.


How often do we really Communicate with God I know we all work a lot of hours and the kids also need our attention. We really are a busy society, sound familiar.

So it no wonder we do not Talk to GOD. I have been guilty of this myself.

How to Pray to GOD, that is what we need to know. First lets talk about what GOD is not.

When you ask any man or woman who they are they will tell you, their name, race, age, mother, father, sister, brother, you get the idea. These are your past, history if you will. All the traits we pick up along the way.

Your life and what you do is just that. WHAT YOU DO.  

YOU ARE GOD. Every Spiritual teacher has taught us this. Living Consciously means staying in the moment. Let Go Let GOD.

Let go of the negative thoughts that control you. They steal your peace and limit the pure LOVE that you are.

It is true that you are one with the Universe. Take the time to appreciate who you are. Sit and listen to your inner voice and know without reservation that there is only one GOD and you the great 

I AM are a part of GOD.

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Do I think you're bad? I don't think you're bad. Do I think you're good? I don't think you're good either.

I think you're God!


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