Cognitive Behavioral Theory

Cognitive Behavioral Theory (Therapy)

What is Cognitive Behavioral Theory. There are many techniques but one of the most famous is Neuro Linguistic Programming made famous by Anthony Robbins. NLP has three components 

Neuro: The Mind

Linguistic: Your Language and how you speak.

Programming: How you react to a situation.

CBT is  another way of saying Cognitive Behavioral Therapy.

NLP provided exactly what I was looking for. It provided the key for unlocking the mystery of how certain people were able to consistently produce what I called optimum results. If someone else is able to wake up in the morning, quickly and easily and full of energy, that is a result they produced. The next question is, How did they produce it? Since actions are the source of all results, what specific mental or physical actions produced the neurophysiological process of waking up from sleep quickly and easily? One of the presuppositions of NLP is that we all share the same neurology, so if anyone can do anything in the world, you can, too, if you run your nervous system in exactly the same way. This process of discovering exactly and specifically what people do to produce a specific result is called modeling.

All of these techniques are a way to replace your old thoughts and discover a new way of reacting to a situation with new healthier ways to view the same situation. As Anthony Robbins talks about modeling he refers to the ability to study someone you admire and copy what they do.

How can
Cognitive Behavioral Theory
change your life

For me, I try to share my experience good or bad. This is how we all grow. Also, my years of knowledge surrounding this subject. I will do my best to help you understand these terms and how you will change your thinking for the better.

There are many ways and numerous teachings on this subject. So, I do not want to confuse you. I believe all these teachings are helping you to understand yourself better and when needed give you a new and positive alternative to how you view life or your current situation.

The people I have worked with whether they were getting sober or trying to understand themselves better all had a common thread. They were, like most of us programmed from childhood and had a challenging time adjusting their current beliefs with what was programmed. 

I hate to pick on religion but it has had a large impact on our thinking. Especially if you were raised in a specific way of thinking about God.

Lately I have read signs in front of Churches and on billboards along the highway with messages like this: "Warning you are about to meet God" or "Heaven" or "Hell" or "You will be judged", with messages like these know wonder there is confusion about God or our place in the universe.

This is the point where I remind you that there are natural Laws in Universe and once understood your life will change drastically. Everyone has heard about the Law Of Attraction But do you believe it or do you go about your daily life like it is random happenings. 

Everyone probably had this experience: You are going about your day and someone, maybe a friend or maybe a long ago acquaintance comes into your thoughts and very soon after they contact you.

This is not an accident. This is the Law of Attraction. Simply put you get what you believe or think about or focus on the most. The easy way to get you to realize this is for you to understand that it does not matter if you believe in the laws or not, they are working in your life whether you like it or not. 

So, if I were you I would try to understand and have more control over your life. Look at it this way, everyone uses electricity, you may not have any idea how it works but you use it. The Law of Attraction does not care if you understand, it  just works. This same electricity will cook dinner for you but it will also cook you.

The law does not discriminate.

I tell you all this because it ties in with Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. Like NLP maybe you could start by modeling. "Fake it till you make it." All the terms I talk about on this website have a common thread. We are what we believe, act like and talk. If you hate you, be someone else. Someone you would be proud of. Life takes work for most of us. I had a dysfunctional childhood that hurt me as an adult. To this day and everyday I try my best to be the person I vision.

If you do not take seriously how your thoughts are creating your life your life will not change.

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