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Authored By Rev. Carol

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Modern psychology have realized that many human ills are traceable to mental suppression, but our study of truth teaches us that all troubles of every kind is really failure on the part of the individual to be completely a free expression of God. This is where Waiting for God 2 will help you.

You say that you are unhappy, dissatisfied, or perhaps ill or impoverished and failure. Well this is simply another way of realizing the fact that you are not allowing the will of God to have free play in your life...

You are not doing the things that you are meant to do. You are drifting or else you are trying to do something that was never intended for you to do, and doing it badly.

It is useless to blame others for the fate of your troubles. The universe operates strictly in accordance with Law. God among other things is the LAW. The Laws of the universe are impersonal. They do not judge! If you knowingly or unknowing go against the law it will go against you.

The human soul may be thought of as an opening through which Infinite energy is seeking a creative outlet. If that outlet is a clear open channel, all is well. If on the other hand, it should be obstructed by any means, then the Infinite Energy Life Force is frustrated and will hold back. Then stress is set up in the soul and we experience this as sickness, poverty, fear, anger, and and other kinds of difficulty.

This is where Waiting for God 2 can help you to understand the process.

Now we are in a position to understand what the real art of living must be. You must be able to make this channel clear, and to keep it clear, and if we do this, we shall find health, prosperity, full self expression then true happiness will follow automatically.

People work so hard to bring health to their bodies to bring prosperity, happiness and success into their lives. We want artistic or literary gifts and other talents to be within our grasp.

We want to incorporate new ideas into our life's and of course they continually fail. Why? because we cannot bring a single one of these ideas to fruition unless we are cooperating from within.

We really are not Waiting For God we must come to the realization that we are ONE with God.

When this happens we then understand the development is just the very reverse, it has to be released from the within so it will appear on the outside.

Waiting for God 2 will help you get to this point in your life.

There is only one fundamental energy on the universe, but this energy may be applied by us either constructively or destructively. If it is constructively we are improving ourselves, then our life's will grow in every possible way. Then we will be helping ourselves and the world . If we use our energy destructively whatever we think or say will cause fear and limitation. If we grumble, or give way to self pity, or indulge in useless regrets, or any form of negative thinking we will create a negative outcome. Most of us when using our God given energy destructively and we hold onto criticism and condemnation of others we become bitter with resentment, spiritual pride, and self righteousness and these feelings will bring disastrous results. We must work at using the methods and the laws of this Great Power to grow our spirituality not destroy it.

As far as God is concerned, our supply of Divine energy is, of course absolutely unlimited. There is no limit to the things we can do or be. The facts are that we can draw from the inexhaustible source only in accordance with the measure of our understanding of it. Thus as you can draw water from the sea only in accordance with the size of the vessel that you are using. If you have a pint size pitcher you can get only get a pint of water. Although the number of pints in the oceans is absolutely inconceivable. At the same time, it is well to remember that very few people do, in fact, draw anything close to that enormous amount of Divine Energy. We will draw only as much as our understanding of it will allow. Almost everyone is foolishly content to fill his or her pitcher with small amounts and then be satisfied with it. We fall far short of ability to maximize our spirituality.

It will now be clear to the student that discontent is not necessarily a bad thing. On the contrary, it is your duty to be discontented with anything less than complete harmony and happiness. Discontent is no good only when it takes the form of discouragement, or despair.

A wholesome disconnect with dullness, failure, and frustration is your incentive for overcoming such things. Without it, you would never find your true place. But, whoever you are, your true place is calling, and because your really are a spark of the Divine, you will not be content until you answer.

Remember that your call is the call of God, and when God calls you to service it pays all the expenses. Whatever you may require to answer that call, God will provide, money, opportunity, strength, and courage, all will be furnished, if you are about God’s business and not your own.

Please use Waiting for God and Waiting for God 2 for your ongoing spiritual growth.

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