Definition Of Consciousness4
Rev. Carol

As we continue on our journey of Definition Of  Consciousness4 we find out more about our inner self.

It is the Christ that does the work, it is the Christ that dispels the illusion, it is the Christ that operates a healer, reformer, supplier. What is the Christ? The Christ is our individual consciousness, when that consciousness has been released from its fear, hate or love of error or any bondage or limitation we will be Inducing Consciousness.

Let us assume that there is a shadow on the wall. As we look at it, we can see that is a shadow, and of course we do not hate it, fear it, or love it. If I thought that the shadow were some kind of evil presence, I might very well hate it or fear it and if I thought is was a person, I might love it. Knowing it as a shadow, however, I can neither hate, fear or love it. I look at it with complete indifference, knowing that its only existence is as a shadow, virtually nothingness, without substance.

When I am called upon for help and recognize that the problem, whether physical, mental, moral, or financial, it has no more substance that that of the shadow.

The Definition Of Consciousness4 as well as the other pages I believe will bring you clarity.

We are always Inducing Consciousness, but to what extent.

When I can face any form of dis-ease, sin-or” the word I like better is mistake”, limitation, or death and take the same attitude toward it that I do toward that shadow, with no desire to erase it, no desire to wipe it out. No desire to get rid of it, or overcome it, or rise above it, no desire to deny it: but merely with the ability to look at it and say "You are a shadow, so what” - then harmony is revealed.

You are asking yourself, as all of us must: “Who am I?” … “ Where Am I”... “ Whence do I go?” The process of enlightenment is usually slow. But, in the end, our seeking always brings a finding. These great mysteries are, after all, enshrined in complete simplicity.
Bill W.

When we come to this place in thought where do we start denying the shadow, but where we know the unreality of all forms of sin, dis-ease, and death and know that they in and of themselves have no power and can do nothing to anyone, except in the degree of our response to them or belief in them, we then have come to begin the Christ.

Regardless of what your needs may be in life, whether that need be for a dollar bill, a taxi, an automobile, a home a spouse, companionship, opportunity, business, an employer or employee, it is the Christ that will produce it. To the degree of your conscious awareness of the Christ that will provide to the need. This also affects you Inducing Consciousness. The degree of your consciousness of the presence of God will appear as whatever thing or person is necessary in your experience. God fills all space. God is everywhere, yet we have had mistakes (sin) dis-ease, lack and limitation, all the while we have been making those statements, showing that the statements are mere statement, and not a matter of inducing conscious awareness at all.

As statements, they are of absolutely no value.. a shadow. When you desire some change in appearance of a situation say " I and my Father are one". See what happens then, in the handling of problems. They disappear, since we can have no problems. Our consciousness, which is God consciousness can have no problems, and this truth eliminates every belief that unlike itself.

We accept that fact that the I is GOD, and then each of us has to begin living as if I were God. Stop livings a human being, utilizing the things of for your own benefit. See yourself as that place in consciousness through which God pours Itself forth to the world, to this world which is not yet aware of its true identity. Just as the lighthouse is established for the benefit of the ships that must pass by and have the benefit of its direction so are we the light of the world, that those not yet aware of their true identity may be lighted on their way.

Living your Christ Hood, when you are not thinking, planning, worrying, fearing, doubting, in other words when the human mind is less active thinking about what’s wrong, and instead your thinking is the witnessing of God in action, watching God unfold, then you are living more of the Christ life. The more you find it necessary to plan your days, weeks, months, and years, the more you have to take thought for you life, the more of human thought is evident and the less of spirituality.

Knowing the truth, then makes us free. So know the truth. Do not be concerned with things of the world, whether they be a home, money, a job or opportunity. Be concerned only with the realization that God is fulfilling Itself as your individual experience.

That God, the consciousness of your being, is always appearing as the form necessary to your development. Keep thoughts steadfast on God, keep thought continuously on the source and substance, and not on the effect in which or as which God is to appear. the greater the awareness of God which you attain, the greater degree of form will appear in you outer world.

Looking at your present state of affairs, you might say “then I have a very poor state of consciousness”, How can I induce consciousness, well that may be so. It is up to you to acknowledge that and change. It is up to you to change it. seek ye first the kingdom of God The conscious awareness of God.

No person could ever steal, murder or do any wrong after he or she understands the consciousness of God as his or her supply. Once we have the conscious feeling of the Presence, It lives through and around us so say to yourself now. 


For our future and our Enlightenment we must continue to learn about Inducing Consciousness. 

“Don’t let the fear of the time it will take to accomplish something stand in the way of your doing it. The time will pass anyway; we might just as well put that passing time to the best possible use.”

Earl Nightingale

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