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Rev. Carol

Definition Of Consciousness3 is a goal we strive for

The ultimate outcome of our work is to arrive at that place where God can come to us, not through a book or a teacher, but through the development and revelation of our own inner being. As long as you are relying on a person, place or thing you cannot heal, we must realize our true identity as the likeness of God made manifest. Inducing Consciousness must be something we work at.

It is through mediation or just being quiet, maybe sitting in the woods, that we ultimately, touch the kingdom of God within our own being. Most of our lives we have talked about God, we have talked about Spirit, we have talked about our Soul and we have even talked about the Christ.

But very few of us have actually made the acquaintance of God, Soul, or the Christ.

To most of us, these are still terms for something separate and apart from our own being. Something which we hope to realize or to attain.

God can be experienced here and now. God is an actual reality, a living being. God is not something far-off. God is closer than our breathing, nearer than our hands and feet. It is not necessary that we go through life talking about God, hoping and praying of the day we shall meet God. Sometimes even praying that we shall die in order that we may meet GOD NOW!!!

This is not inducing consciousness

God can be realized here and now. God is a living Soul, God is a living being. God can become intimate and personal to us. Let us consciously bring ourselves to the remembrance of truth that I and my Father are one. God is all there is, and all that the Father has is ours.

All that God is I am. Let us remember to acknowledge God as the source of all good, whether we are receiving some form of good or not. Give thanks for money received, incoming or outgoing. Let us give thanks for the food we eat. Let us know that the invitation from a friend is really a gift. Even the weekly allowance from any source, let us immediately recognize God as the source. So whether your good is appearing to you today as a gift, or a salary, please learn to look through it, to the actual Source, so that you do not become dependent on it.

Definition Of Consciousness3
Exploring the consciousness

Seeing the truth is Inducing Consciousness.

God is the Source of everything. In our spiritual work we learn to dwell in the secret place of the most High. We learn to abide in the consciousness of GOD, unfolding and revealing Itself as our daily experience. We learn to become completely independent of the world, and to realize that every one else in the world is just as independent.

When awakened to this true identity we will know thyself. Find within your own being the realization of God as your true self, as your substance, as your life, mind and body, and then you will find that your whole world will be free.

A spiritual healer is not a person who develops a technique using truth to overcome error or of using treatment to overcome disease. A spiritual healer is that state of consciousness, which knows that God alone is the reality of all being, and that anything else is a state of illusion. The recognition that he or she is dealing with a state of illusion, rather than with a person or with a condition, is the healing consciousness.

Since God is infinitely good we are also one with that infinite good. We do not have to compensate with a good home, good automobile, a good spouse, a good friend, a good book or a good teacher, we only have to realize our oneness with God.

God will appear to us, God will become visible and manifest to us as, the good home, good spouse and so forth, or anything else that we need or want at the moment.

Then as we are becoming our true selves we begin to help others to spiritual realization.

You are now on your way to Inducing Consciousness.

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“The possibility of stepping into a higher plane is quite real for everyone. It requires no force or effort or sacrifice. It involves little more than changing our ideas about what is normal.”

Deepak Chopra

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