Spiritual Thoughts 3
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Understanding Universal Mind

Every person in your life is there by law of consciousness. You are sharing mental or physical space with them through either positive or negative attraction. We all attract thru vibration. Even your children chose you based on the state of your consciousness.

We are always right.

You always receive according to what you recognize your True Self to be.

Everything comes to you or is repelled from you based on the vibration of your energy field, and the vibration is established by your beliefs and convictions. Accordingly, you can see that nothing is out of place or out of order in your life. Everything is perfect, based on your consciousness and the outworking of the law. Your world is the mirror or your thoughts, feeling, concepts – all pressed out in material form and experiences. This means you can never be wrong. You are always attracting in your life.

What do you want it to be like?

Do you like what you see? Remember you are the architect and the builder and you have designed and produced your world to the exact specifications of your consciousness.

I know that this hard to except and I have lost a lot of people at this realization. Nobody wants to feel that what has happened in their life is the fault of lousy thinking. It is hard to except that you are at fault for your failures. You are also responsible for your successes.

 Even if you became a “health nut” to achieve a healthier body – and then ran away from your spouse, home, job, friends and present lifestyle with the idea of starting all over again in a new city or country, in time your consciousness would create an almost exact duplication of your former world. You simply cannot run away from your world because you can't run away from yourself. You can't even escape by destroying your body, because you take your consciousness with you.

Spiritual Thoughts 3
And Your World

When trying to  “fix” your world with the consciousness that produced the problem in your consciousness. You must draw forth from within a new awareness, understanding and knowledge of the universe. The Power that sustains you, and the true nature of yourself are the same. With each degree of shift in your consciousness, more reality is revealed in your world.

Look at your relationships. There must be strain turmoil and friction from your perspective, but from the Higher Vision there is only love, harmony and peace. How do you restore or harmonize a relationship? You don't have to do anything about the other person. The only person you have to do anything about is yourself. Through meditation and spiritual treatment you become one with your inner reality and illusion of discord fades away.

Spiritual Thoughts 3 as well as pages 1 and 2 will help you realize your true nature.

Then the Identity of God is individualized as you.

You are the Self-Expression of God.

You are the Presence of God where you are.

You are the Christ, Son of the living God Rightly within the innermost core of your mind, buried beneath layers of sense consciousness, is a memory... a faint mental impression, and idea of all that you once were.

Now think of this when you say “I am one with God.. God is as me now.

God is expressing as me.. you are refreshing your memory. You are agreeing with something you already know.

 Thats when you will  believe you are, I AM. In other words, whatever your consciousness attribute to your God-self will be your demonstration.

If you believe the Spirit within to be the life and health of your body, then this perfection will be out pictured in your body. If you believe that your Master Self is your supply, you will never be at a loss of money.

This is the Key: You must be aware that whatever you seek in life, you already have – because your Higher Self IS it. Whatever fulfillment you associate with your Self will be yours. So if you want to demonstrate radiant health, gain the consciousness, that your True Self IS your health. If your want more financial abundance in your life, gain the consciousness that your Self IS your abundance

A Good Place To Meditate.

You could  retired to your quiet place with these kind of   spiritual thoughts in your mind.

When you achieve a consciousness of your Inner Self as the ALL-In-ALL, the Giver of the Gift, you will be stepping up to mastery. Your awareness, understanding, and knowledge must be based on the Truth that God, as you ALL-In-ALL, is right where you are, individualized as you, appearing as you. This means that you do not have to go far to find the Whole Spirit of God. You only have to take your mind off the illusions of “This World” and turn within contemplative meditation. Very soon you will sense an infinite Knowlingness and your emotional nature will tingle with warmth and love. As you continue on the inner journey, the whole vibration of you being changes and you become a transparency for the Light. Now Spirit is “released” to go before you to “make all things new”.

Are you ready to bring real life as the delightful child of God that you truly are? 

Spiritual Thoughts are food for the soul.

Live this affirmation.

Repeat after me:

I agree from this moment on to do my very best to live according the the Christ Standard. To keep my mind on that within, to feel love and joy, to think loving thoughts toward all, to speak as the voice of the Master Self, and to act always from a sense of inward direction. To accomplish this, I now release all fears, concerns, resentment, condemnation and unforgiveness. I let go of all negative and fearful images. I surrender all past mistakes and errors in judgment, and I empty out all false pride and ego-centered emotions. Everything in my consciousness that could possible hold me in bondage I now cast upon the Christ within to be dissolved. I now choose to live under ease, to be the perfect open channel through which Divine love, Wisdom and Power flow forth as the Activity of Spirit in my life. And I see now this Activity to be the perfect harmonizing of all relationships, the perfect adjustment in all situations, the perfect release from all entanglements, the perfect supply for abundant living, the perfect health of my body, the perfect fulfillment in my life. I now go forth in faith, putting my trust in the Christ within, and living each moment with a heart overflowing with gratitude, love and joy.

Remember that you must not only practice the Presence in yourself, but in all others too. Understand that there is only one Self in all the universe, one Self hood and this self hood appears as you, as me, as each individual. Therefore, each and every Soul throughout the universe is a spiritual being, and since my I AM is your I AM, whatever I am saying about you, I am saying about me. If I criticize you, I am criticizing myself. If I see you as poor and week and unfulfilled, I am seeing myself as poor and weak and unfulfilled. And what I see or say about myself is conditioning my consciousness accordingly. Because of the way the Law works. If I believe that you are suffering from any kind of lack, I am calling for an experience of lack in my life. If I judge by appearances that you are ill, I am setting up the possibility for illness to manifest in my body. Now do you understand why we must not judge others – and why it is imperative to love they neighbor as thyself.

Whenever a “need” comes to your mind, identify it consciously and then turn within and recognize that your Higher Self is the answer. Begin to associate everything that you could possible desire in the outer world with to clear the channel for the activity of Spirit. Remember, the Power can work for you only as It works through you.

All is God, God is Spirit, and Spirit is All. Does this mean that there is no place where the Spirit of God leaves off and man begins.

Consider that Spirit is Infinite, which means no limitation.., endless, boundless.

We also think of Spirit as Omnipresent, being fully present In all places at all times : Omniscient, possessing total Knowledge, All Wisdom: and Omnipotent, the Almighty, the All Power.

Now consider that Spirit is Infinite, Omnipresent, Omniscient, Omnipotent ENERGY.. energy being defined as the vitality of expression... YOU... There is no place where God leaves off and man begins. All is God and God ALL. The Ancients taught that this Reality of You, your God self, forever remains in the Absolute, and in order to express the cosmic use of Its Infinite Will, there must be a channel or vehicle for expression. Therefore, your Spirit conceived with Its Mind the Idea of Itself in expression as a living Soul.

This has been called the Second Creation where you became a self-conscious entity, created in the Image and Likeness of your Self, the Spirit of God. However, rather than separating Itself, which It could not do, your God-self followed the original creative Process and changed the vibratory rate within the center of Its Individualized Energy Field. In this state of consciousness, YOU knew yourself to be a spiritual being, forever living within the Mind of Spirit and fulled with the pure awareness of your God-self.

The only “separation” between you an God is the belief in separation.

When you direct your attention within and focus that feeling of intense love toward you Higher Self, the entire vibration of your energy field is lifted up to be in tune with the Divine Vibration. The radiating Power from within will then dissolve old error patterns, false beliefs and negative appearances, and will move through you to appear as every needed thing in your life.

The Spirit within is so practical. If you need better job, one will be attracted to you. If you need more money, it will come in streams of abundance. If you need a healing, the wholeness will be manifest in your body. If you need a new relationship, the right “meeting” will be arranged. You will be shown that there is the perfect supply for every demand. If you want a joyous life, you must think joyous thoughts. If you want a prosperous life, you must think prosperous thoughts. If you want a loving life, you must think loving thoughts whatever you send out mentally or verbally will come back to you in life form.


Faith is the ability to think, feel, speak and act according to your consciousness, according to your faith, when there is a say that you are not feeling in complete contact with your inner self.

Faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things unseen, therefore, you consciousness is that which stands under and supports that which you are experiencing in your world. Your consciousness is the present evidence of what you will experience in your life as your thoughts and emotions are externalized.

When you become aware of your Power of Faith, the energy from that Center begins to work for you according to the Divine Standard, the original High Vibration. If you don't know you have a certain attribute, a specific power, then your activities and decisions are based on a power out side you.

Thorough this belief in an outside power, you are actually transferring a God-given power that you didn't even know you had and you are giving to the so-called “outside forces”. These forces then become the master and you become the servant. However, when you begin to recognize that you have an incredible Power Center within your consciousness, one that represents the very Power of God, then you are calling for the the pure form of that energy to be used in transforming your life.

Thank you for taking the time to read Spiritual Thoughts 3. The more you learn and absorb the better your life will become.


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