Healing Mind System

I would like to give you something to think about!

Healing Mind System!

Our brain really is a healing mind system.

The mind is very powerful and it can create an outcome whether it is real or not.

We in Science of Mind believe as Ernest Holmes stated: "Mind is both conscious and subconscious. conscious mind is spirit, either in God or man. unconscious mind is the law of conscious mind acting and is, therefore, subconscious or subjective."

Healing Mind System
And Happiness

I heard this term synthetic happiness and it got me thinking. It was written in  2006, by Harvard psychologist Daniel Gilbert.

At Harvard, the social psychologist Daniel Gilbert is known as Professor Happiness. That is because the 50-year old researcher directs a laboratory studying the nature of human happiness. Dr. Gilbert's “Stumbling on Happiness” was a New York Times paperback best seller for 23 weeks and won the 2007 Royal Society Prize for Science Books.

“What is synthetic happiness? It's the ability to learn how to  manufacture one's own happiness.” He then goes on to say if we can't predict how we'd react in the future, we can't set realistic goals for ourselves or figure out how to reach to them.

This all ties into what we all believe. This is why I and other teachers talk about the mind, because it creates what our intentions are. This is why the teachers in this field of metaphysics talk about how important the spoken word is. Also why meditating and visualizing what you want in your life is so important."Visualizing means mentally seeing the things that you wish to have or to do."

One of the reasons why humans are so resilient to adversity is because we can rationalize anything and make it fit into what we believe. How often do we do this in our everyday existence.

Is it not why we keep repeating the same mistakes over and over. It is like our mind has a built in forgetter. There is also a reason why we continue with this practice. It is because it is comfortable. I do not mean you may not be feeling terrible pain and it is a very uncomfortable place to be, but it is our pain, we know it and it is better than the unknown.

When Dan Gilbert talks about manufacturing ones own happiness, I believe this is the same as creating your own future. How do we do this? Well first you need to really challenge yourself with self honesty and see the beliefs that you have that are holding you back. Then divorce them. Just like in a relationship that know longer is for your higher good. Let it go. Be the person you want to be. See yourself being this person.

Your mind really is a Healing Mind System. What I mean by this is it will create for you exactly want you want. So make sure that what you do and what you think about most is what you want.

Your mind will create what you think about most. It does not judge and say well maybe be they really do not want what they are affirming.

Like anything that is important to you, work at it until it becomes second nature to you.

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