Spiritual Thoughts
Co-Authored with Rev.Carol

Not having Spiritual Thoughts will enhance

 The Sense of Separation from God.

Spiritual Thoughts will help if you are feeling a separation from God. We all need help in kickstarting our spiritual journey at times. 

We can get lazy or stagnant in our pursuit of a spiritual connection. These ideas will help you look for answers.

As we learn and grow together, we will be doing our part to cancel out the error of the race consciousness.

Ernest Holmes the founder of Science of Mind in his book: Creative Mind and Success says this about race consciousness:" ONE of the things which greatly hinders us from demonstrating a greater degree of prosperity we may call race thought or race consciousness. This is the result of all that the race has thought or believed. We are immersed in it, and those who are receptive to it are controlled by it. All thought seeks expression along the lines of least resistance. When we become negative or fearful we attract that kind of thought and condition. We must be sure of ourselves; we must be positive; we must not be aggressive, but absolutely sure and poised within. Negative people are always picking up negative conditions; they get into trouble easily: Persons who are positive draw positive things; they are always successful. Few people realize that the law of thought is the great reality; that thoughts produce things. When we come to understand this power of thought, we will carefully watch our thinking to see that no thought enters that we should not want made into a thing.

We can guard our minds by knowing that no negative thought can enter; we can daily practice by saying that no race thought of limitation can enter the mind; that Spirit forms itself around us and protects us from all fear and from all limitation. Let us clothe ourselves in the great realization that all power is ours and that nothing else can enter; let us fill the atmosphere of our homes, and places of business with streams of positive thought. Other people will feel this and will like to be near us and enter into the things that we enter into. In this way we shall be continually drawing only the best."

Spiritual Thoughts are they important?

Every thought we have has an impact or imprint on our universe. If all of us could maintain a positive outlook this world will be saved. The planet will be healed and harmonized. And as we work together in fulfilling this mission, the results would be more love, joy, peace and abundance. This would enhance our individual lives more than we ever dreamed possible.

As we learn and grow together, we will be doing our part to cancel out the error of the race consciousness This world will be saved. The planet will be healed and harmonized. And as we work together in fulfilling this mission, more love, joy, peace and abundance will be out pictured in our individual lives than we ever dreamed possible.

Spiritual Thoughts do make a difference.

A new thought embodied in consciousness produces a new condition.

Are your conditions in your life lacking happiness. This may be caused by your sense of separation from your Spiritual Self.

As your spiritual travels simply take you deeper into the far country, and the effects of your thoughts, words and deeds, are the Spiritual Thoughts that produce these new conditions. But deep in the reprocesses of your mind, you also remember the Truth of your being. 

Do you not intuitively feel that you are a part of the Goodwill Task Force.?

 But deep in the recesses of your mind, you also remember the Truth of your being. Your intuitive self remembers your Spiritual being. Keep your spiritual thoughts a part of your everyday ritual.

Do not discount the probability just because you are experiencing challenges.

If you are a “teacher” could there be credibility to your sharing with others if you could not show the way beyond example – the example of experiencing the illusion of problem and overcoming it by revealing the Reality behind it?

If you are a pupil you may have walked on the dark side for most of your life, learning the lessons involved in the awakening process, but yes .. you too, were a part of that glory in ages past.

Spiritual Thought brings us closer to the God that we ARE.

New Age thinking and New Thought teachings are not strange to you, and you feel a beautiful sense of fellowship with the group of World Servers who are encircling this planet with a bond of Light and Love.

 One day you will fully awaken and will realize who you are. 

In the mean time just know that you are here for a definite purpose and with a specific mission.

Is the truth about Spiritual Thought becoming lost. 

The basic teaching of Jesus was to emphasize man's divinity, but with over 300 “Christian” denominations today, many accusing the others of blasphemy, we have to ask – what happened to the original message of Jesus?

From with or from behind, a light shines through us and upon all things and makes us aware that we are nothing, but the light is all.

A man is the facade of a temple where  all wisdom and all good abide.

What we commonly call man, the eating, drinking, planting, counting man does not, as we know him represent himself, but he misrepresents himself. Him we do not respect, but the soul, whose organ he is, would he let it appear through his actions would make our knees bend. When it breathes through his intellect, it is genius: when it breathes through his will, it is virtue, when if flows through his affection, it is love.

We only have to look at the nature of God to see the nature of the Plan. This spiritual truth is all encompassing and everything else is insignificant.

Spiritual Thought in it's pure form is at our core.

It must encompass infinite peace and harmony breathtaking beauty. Every where present unconditional love, overflowing abundance, radian perfection in mind and body, a true place of total fulfillment for each individual; all unlimited joy and perfect order, and the ability of each Divine Expression of this Infinite Mind to co-create with wisdom and understanding in revealing God's Kingdom on Earth.

Upon each individuals, awakening, each life begins to reflect a new Reality, and as each “unit” of consciousness is reunited with the Whole. The entire world is lifted up to a spiritual dimensions of love, joy and peace. God is individualized as you and lets your thought flow from that state of consciousness. Let your emotional nature feel according to that Truth. Let your words reflect the totally unlimited Being that you are and let your actions be based on that Truth. You are Omnipotence made Manifest. When you live the Idea that you are the one with God, the law will create everything in your life to reflect that Idea. Abundance, love and bodily perfection. Success great joy, total peace, wisdom, faith, deep understanding, power, perfect order, enthusiasm, beauty, and the kind of livingness that was planned for you in the beginning will manifest in your life.

You are not here to endure hardships as fas as the Will of God is concerned. Illness is an illusion calling for your attention. It is simply an out picturing of a faulty belief system and or negative emotion.

It is a signal that there is a misconception and or misunderstanding in our mind regarding the perfection of our body.

Spiritual Thoughts are important in what we believe, and their outcome will show up in our lives as  reality.

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