Lets analyze Cognition Consciousness so we can grow together. Its a big word, so lets break it down.

Cognition: involves thinking, it gives us the believes about the world. It is the process of thinking, the process of remembering. It is the process of obtaining knowledge. We use it to understand through thinking, and experiencing. To the extent that we understand what’s involved in believing we will at least have the foundation for cognition.

Believe: is when you have a sense that something is true. We feel that we have enough concrete evidence that something is true.

Conscious State: is the self-knowing mind of man. Consciousness: Another way of saying soul. The Bible says, soul; the psycho-analyst says, unconscious; the psychologist says, subjective or subconscious; and the metaphysician says, consciousness. All have the same meaning.

To simplify this Cognitive Consciousness is how we process our thoughts and turn them into what we believe about something.

Also on how we are able to retain the information. This next part is AI

"Cognition, consciousness, and perception are related but distinct concepts in psychology and neuroscience. Cognition refers to the mental processes involved in acquiring, processing, and using knowledge. This includes processes such as learning, memory, problem-solving, and decision-making. Consciousness, on the other hand, refers to the state of being aware and having subjective experiences. It involves the ability to experience sensations, emotions, and thoughts. Consciousness is often considered a fundamental aspect of human experience, but it remains a complex and somewhat mysterious phenomenon. Perception, finally, refers to the process of recognizing and interpreting sensory stimuli. It involves the organization, identification, and interpretation of sensory information in order to represent and understand the environment. Perception is influenced by factors such as attention, memory, and prior experiences. In summary, cognition deals with mental processes, consciousness pertains to awareness and subjective experience, and perception involves the interpretation of sensory information."

Cognition Consciousness Important?

Read my page

 What is Consciousness 

for another look at Consciousness.

The more science evolves, and the more discoveries that are made involving God and the Universe, the more rewarding our life's become. This is because now we have more proof of the existence of God, not just the stories we have been told by religion. For myself it solidifies what I believe Spiritually.

Now I am going to give you something to think about. Who does the thinking? Is it our Brain, our Consciousness, or our Spirit?

I know that if our Brain was removed from our body it would not exist any longer. Now with out the brain man can not think. This means that man needs a brain while here having this human experience. So behind the brain there must be a thinker.

We may not see this thinker but it must exist because without the thinker we would be UNCONSCIOUS. 

The Science of Mind by Ernest Shurtleff Holmes[1926]

Say this about Mind or the Universe or Thinker:

"We are dealing with a neutral, creative power, just as we would be in the case of electricity or any other natural force. It is on a higher plane; for it is the power of intelligence. As we think into this Universal Mind, our thought, in its externalization, will reach its own level, just as water will reach its own level by its own weight and without effort. This is in line with necessity; for the Universe, in order to be at all, must be Self-Existent.

What is meant by the Self-Existence of the Universe? This means a Universe which is Its own reason for being; a Universe which exists by virtue of Itself, being All.

Each one of us is to-day the result of what has gone before, either consciously or unconsciously, no matter what kind of a condition he may be in. As soon as we realize this we shall be better off, because we shall see that since what we now are, or what we now have and experience, is the result of what we have thought; the answer to what we shall be is contained in what we now are; for we can change our thinking.

Man thinks and supposes that he lets go of the thoughts he thinks. But such is not the case; for thought becomes subjectified in Mind, like a seed planted in the soil; it stays there, unless neutralized, and decides the attraction and repulsion in the experience of the one thinking. There is a constant action on the subjective side of life; and it is this unconscious process which decides what is going to happen in the outer expression.

Whatever we think, act, believe in, feel, visualize, vision, image, read, talk about, in fact, all processes which affect or impress us at all, are going into the subjective state of our thought, which is our individualized use of Universal Mind. Whatever goes into the subjective state of thought tends to return again as some condition."

Cognition Consciousness is important because we must know that we are a part of all that is and the more we understand the more we will benefit.

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Remember Cognition Consciousness is the base for our thinking.


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