"A PRINCIPLE THAT CAN BE PROVEN. KNOWING that Mind is, we have a principle that is absolute; it is exact; it is going to correspond to our thinking about it. The first great necessity is to believe this; without belief we can do nothing. This is the reason Jesus said "It is done unto you even as you have believed." Always it is done unto people as they believe, and there is Something that does it which never fails. We must believe that our word is formed upon and around by this creative Mind; for instance, we wish to create activity in our business; we believe that our word is law about that thing, and there is something that takes our thought and executes it for us. If we have accepted the fact that all is mind and that the thought is the thing, we shall see at once that our word is the power behind the thing, and that it depends upon the word or thought that we are sending out. (See Creative Mind and Success by the author.) So plastic is mind, so receptive, that the slightest thought makes an impression upon it. People who think many kinds of thought must expect to receive a confused manifestation in their lives. If a gardener plants a thousand kinds of seeds, he will get a thousand kinds of plants; it is the same in mind."

Ernest Holmes

Though this list of Metaphysics_Definition_Dictionary_N-R may not be 100% complete, It will give you the terms you will need to understand metaphysics and all it's teachings.

Metaphysics is a wonderful field of study that will enhance your life like you never thought possible.

I give thanks to Ernest Holmes Founder of Science of Mind, one of my mentors for this information.

These Metaphysics_Definitions_Dictionary_N-R is taken from my Science of Mind teaching manual.


For your learning.

NEUTRAL: Not caring which way it works.

NORMAN: Natural.

NATURAL MAN: Instinctive or Spiritual Man.

NEUTRALIZING THOUGHT: The act of mentally erasing thought images.

 OCCULT: Hidden.

OMEGA: The last.

OBJECTIVE MIND: The conscious mind.

OBJECTIVE PLANE: The outer world of expression.

OBJECTIVE SIDE OF THOUGHT: The conscious side of thinking.

OBJECTIFICATION: The act of objectifying.

OBSESSION: Being controlled by thoughts, ideas, or entities.

OMNIPRESENT: Everywhere present.

OMNISCIENT: All-knowing.

OMNIPOTENT: All-powerful.

OMNISCIENT, INSTINCTIVE I AM: God in man and things.

 POTENTIAL: Inherent possibility.

PRACTITIONER: One who practices mental healing or demonstration.

PERSONALITY: The objective evidence of individuality. The man as we see him in the relative world.

PROPHET: One who prophesies.

PSYCHOMETRY: Reading from the soul side of things.

PRINCIPLE: Any law of nature.

PERCEPT: An external object perceived by the mind. Distinguished from a concept which is an inner idea.

PLANES: Different rates of vibration.

PSYCHIC: Subjective capacity. All people are psychic, but all are not mediums. A medium is one who objectifies the psychic sense

PSYCHE: Soul or subjective.

PRIMORDIAL SUBSTANCE: The ultimate formless stuff from which all things come.

PEACE: A state of inner calm.

POISE: Mental balance.

POWER: The union of peace with poise.

PERFECTION: The real state of being.

POVERTY: A limited thought.

PURPOSE: Definite intention.

PLASTIC: Easily molded.

PSYCHOLOGY: Study of the workings of the human mind.

PARTICULARIZATION: Concrete forms produced by Spirit.

PRENATAL: Conditions before human birth.

PSYCHO-ANALYSIS: A systematic analysis of the subjective thought.

PHILOSOPHY: A man's idea of life.

PSYCHIC WORLD: The world of subjectivity.

PSYCHIC PHENOMENA: Phenomena of the soul or subjective mentality.

PASSIVE RECEPTIVITY: Willing to receive any and all forms of thought.

 REVELATION: Becoming consciously aware of hidden things.

REASON: The mental ability to analyze, dissect and figure out the cause of things. The human mind can reason both inductively and deductively. The Divine Mind can reason only deductively.

RICHES: Idea of abundance.

REALIZATION: Subjective comprehension of Truth.

RELATIVE: That which depends upon something else.

REINCARNATION: Rebirth in the flesh.

RESURRECTION: Rising from a belief in death.

REALITY: The truth about anything.

RELIGION: A Man's idea of God or gods.

RACE-SUGGESTION: Human beliefs, operating through the mentality of the individual.

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"It has also been proven that thought operates in such a manner as to make it possible to convey mental impressions from one person to another, showing that there is a mental medium between all people. When we think of it, how could we talk with each other unless there were some kind of a medium through which we talked? We could not; and so we know that there really is such a medium. While there is a place where our bodies begin and leave off, as form, there does not appear to be a place where our thought leaves off. Indeed, the observations made and the facts gathered show that the medium between men's minds is omnipresent; that is, it seems to be everywhere present. Radio also shows this, for messages are sent out through some kind of a universal medium, and all that we can say of it is that we know the medium is there. So it is with Mind; all that we can say is that everything happens just as though it were there. We have a perfect right, then, to say that such a medium exists. This opens up a far-reaching theory, for it leads to the conclusion that we are surrounded by a Universal Mind which is the Medium of the communication of our thoughts. Perhaps this is the Mind of God! Who knows? That It is there, we cannot doubt."

Ernest Holmes

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