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Though this list of Metaphysics_Definition_Dictionary_

N-R may not be 100% complete, It will give you the terms you will need to understand metaphysics and all it's teachings.

Metaphysics is a wonderful field of study that will enhance your life like you never thought possible.

I give thanks to Ernest Holmes Founder of Science of Mind, one of my mentors for this information.

These Metaphysics_Definitions_Dictionary is taken from my Science of Mind teaching manual.

NEUTRAL: Not caring which way it works.

NORMAN: Natural.

NATURAL MAN:Instinctive or Spiritual Man.

NEUTRALIZING THOUGHT: The act of mentally erasing thought images.


OCCULT: Hidden.

OMEGA: The last.

OBJECTIVE MIND: The conscious mind.

OBJECTIVE PLANE: The outer world of expression.

OBJECTIVE SIDE OF THOUGHT: The conscious side of thinking.

OBJECTIFICATION: The act of objectifying.

OBSESSION: Being controlled by thoughts, ideas, or entities.

OMNIPRESENT: Everywhere present.

OMNISCIENT: All-knowing.

OMNIPOTENT: All-powerful.

OMNISCIENT, INSTINCTIVE I AM: God in man and things.


POTENTIAL: Inherent possibility.

PRACTITIONER: One who practices mental healing or demonstration.

PERSONALITY: The objective evidence of individuality. The man as we see him in the relative world.

PROPHET: One who prophesies.

PSYCHOMETRY: Reading from the soul side of things.

PRINCIPLE: Any law of nature.

PERCEPT: An external object perceived by the mind. Distinguished from a concept which is an inner idea.

PLANES: Different rates of vibration.

PSYCHIC: Subjective capacity. All people are psychic, but all are not mediums. A medium is one who objectifies the psychic sense

PSYCHE: Soul or subjective.

PRIMORDIAL SUBSTANCE: The ultimate formless stuff from which all things come.

PEACE: A state of inner calm.

POISE: Mental balance.

POWER: The union of peace with poise.

PERFECTION: The real state of being.

POVERTY: A limited thought.

PURPOSE: Definite intention.

PLASTIC: Easily molded.

PSYCHOLOGY: Study of the workings of the human mind.

PARTICULARIZATION: Concrete forms produced by Spirit.

PRENATAL: Conditions before human birth.

PSYCHO-ANALYSIS: A systematic analysis of the subjective thought.

PHILOSOPHY: A man's idea of life.

PSYCHIC WORLD: The world of subjectivity.

PSYCHIC PHENOMENA: Phenomena of the soul or subjective mentality.

PASSIVE RECEPTIVITY: Willing to receive any and all forms of thought.


REVELATION: Becoming consciously aware of hidden things.

REASON: The mental ability to analyze, dissect and figure out the cause of things. The human mind can reason both inductively and deductively. The Divine Mind can reason only deductively.

RICHES: Idea of abundance.

REALIZATION: Subjective comprehension of Truth.

RELATIVE: That which depends upon something else.

REINCARNATION: Rebirth in the flesh.

RESURRECTION: Rising from a belief in death.

REALITY: The truth about anything.

RELIGION: A Man's idea of God or gods.

RACE-SUGGESTION: Human beliefs, operating through the mentality of the individual.

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