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Elena Vella

Inspiring thoughts when written with passion and love can lead the mind and our consciousness to Utopia.

This short story was written by an incredibly talented woman. It is titled Utopia. You can read more of her beautiful work at 

Concepts and Correlations.

Utopia will lead to inspiring thoughts.

I generally do not watch too much evening news or listen to a lot of radio news. I find that when I do listen for long periods of time my mood changes for the worst. The stories never cease to amaze me. Whether they are good or bad or horrific, it seems that someone has topped the last story. Naturally, when someone does something compassionate or just all around good, I feel wonderful. It’s the bad or horrific stories which always outweigh the good, and cause me to wonder why people do what they do. I immediately change the channel when I hear of an animal or child abuse story announced. I guess the information is too much for my psyche and heart to handle. How is it that someone finds pleasure in the power they attain, when doing horrible things to someone or something? What ever the professional reasoning is, it is just downright despicable.I again start to wonder “what if” and my mind drifts upward. I ascend toward the sky and leave earth, hovering for a few brief moments then my journey begins.

I drift through space gliding passed our solar system and find myself far away, even beyond our Oort cloud. The silence and weightlessness consists of utter peace. It is dark with twinkling stars in the distance as we would see under a clear evening sky on earth. I find myself slowly approaching a cluster of planets. They are similar to earth, yet vary in size. They do not orbit in a circular pattern. They are actually aligned from largest to smallest in a straight line. I think how strange. As I hover over the first planet, my vision and hearing becomes so acute there is nothing taking place below that I am not aware of. Countless life scenarios were actively occurring, all within their separate space. The peacefulness I was experiencing turned into shear heartache. I was witnessing the distressing acts which take place on earth. I felt and heard the sadness, abuse, fear, pain and any other emotion of sorrow right to the core of my being.

I thought to myself “What is this?” As I focused in, I realized that the victims were not bruised or bleeding, nor did they die. When the time of death approached, they woke as if it were a nightmare. The violence would either play over again, or roll into another violent act. I understood each one. Confusion filled my mind. I tried to make sense of it all, but couldn’t. I began to panic and feel sick. It was then I floated higher and my vision blurred. I started to settle and began to feel peace again. In my astonishment I heard the sound of a gentle wind and then a message in a subtle voice. “Do not fear; I understand your confusion.” was said. I looked around to see someone else, but there was no one visible. I continued to listen. “The victims below left the earthly realm and were given the opportunity to change their ways in the spirit world. They are good, but their will is much stronger, so now they live in the reflection of what they did on earth. The victims are really the perpetrators when living in the physical. They are learning what their victims experienced and are feeling the emotions also to the core of their being, as you have. The lessons come from their spirit guides, acting as the perpetrators. It is understood what is happening, yet the experience is real for them.

They long for compassion now, but never wanted to give compassion.” I asked, “Do they ever understand what compassion is?” The voice responded “Yes, if only they choose. When they achieve compassion, their spirit guide will feel it and release them.” “What becomes of them if that doesn’t happen?” I asked. “That is only known to the soul when the decision is made.” was the answer.“Each of these planets contain the seeds necessary for the soul to transform into grander potential. It can be through reflection, or increased knowledge of the good that was performed. The information is embedded in the essence. I asked “What is the essence?” The answer came, “the essence of the soul is like the DNA to the body. Each soul has cycles of life, both physical and spiritual and the lessons learned and embedded can be used for the growth of the soul.” “This sounds like a purification process to me.” I remarked. “It is if they wish. Free will can go either way. Some have a will so strong, they do not desire to progress. Remaining complacent is all they want.” It can take many life times to progress. “Please tell me that if someone is at least sincere of heart that the lessons do not take long to learn.” I stated in a begging fashion and continued.

“Somewhere in these planets there are numerous good acts taking place, right”? My answer came. “Yes, you are right.” “The purification as you put it, does take time. Remember, it is the growth of the soul. Sometimes temptation is presented and the essence falls weak. That is the challenge of being human. Good deeds and actions are most certainly recognized also. The lessons are taught to give the soul a deeper understanding of the good that was performed. Their love is increased and travels through out the field of energy.” My gaze returned to the aligned planets. I asked “So then, as the planets get smaller the lessons become easier?” We glided for light years, yet it took only moments. Below I could see the evolution of souls. There were no murders. Yet, the scenarios were based on greed, lies, deception and irresponsibility. Within the mist of all of this there were good deeds occurring. The positive energy was actually visibly filtering back into the soul. Transformations were being made for those that had chosen to make them. I asked “is the last planet Heaven?” I was advised “No it is not. The last planet is the final phase. Much has been accomplished by many. They have reached success, harmony and peace. There knowledge of humanity, spirituality, nature and the cosmos is so great they have created a utopia and named it such. “So why isn’t it heaven?” I asked. A long pause made me more eager to hear the answer.Finally, I heard “In the spiritual realm there is no negative will. Utopia is still connected to the realm of lessons and now it is at great risk. The physical from earth may reach Utopia before the cycles of life have been completed. These beings have no idea how close they are to wonderful achievements in Science. Their medical treatments and research are about to expand beyond their own comprehension. Long distance space travel is only moments away.” “So this is a good thing.” I exclaimed forcefully. “Your will can be intense at times also.” The remark spoke from a stern voice. At that moment I felt corrected and exposed. “Human beings are not ready. As wonderful as they are and can be, there are lessons required for the growth of the soul.

Negativity has the capability to erode Utopia and all of its inhabitants. It has taken millennia to achieve the wisdom and knowledge that is found there.” “So if they are so smart, why can’t they figure out how to shield themselves from our awful ways?” Once again I smarted back. I thought to myself, “Shit, I have done it again.” A small chuckle resonated around me. “You have caught yourself, and that is good. You’re capable and willing to transform.” I felt relief. The voice continued. “Utopia is an abundance of knowledge, yet everything is not known there. They would not be seeking their willing directive to conquer negativity, if humans were not about to advance to great capacities.” I felt a sense of responsibility. I was instructed, “Do not carry that burden. It is not yours to carry.”As I hovered over Utopia I was in amazement. The skies consisted of water colored pastels. Each appeared and then blended into the next, as clouds move across the skies of earth. Oceans, rivers and lakes were brilliantly clear. When compared to our most pristine beaches ours were murky and thick. Everywhere was lush and green. It was possible to feel majestic energy radiate from perfectly sculptured mountains. Trees were able to communicate about the love and nurturing they received and explained there lineage. There energy was transmitted back to the inhabitants relaxing under their branches. These being resembled us, yet they had a beautiful radiance. Their physical form reflected spiritual illumination. Outlining each form was a faint color of their aura. Everyone was free to immerse themselves into what it was that brought them joy. Everything glistened. Dwellings were designed in different shapes and sizes and constructed out of marble and granite, gold and silver. Clear quartz crystal windows shimmered rainbows from the sunlight without a physical sun nearby. Tiny cities were themed with grand cathedral libraries filled with books of philosophy, religions, spiritual science, artwork from the inhabitants, lessons of all, and bountiful knowledge. In my amazement anti-gravity was mastered and anyone could fly short distances. If they chose to fly vertically or horizontally, it was performed. In the flow of it all, I recognized what appeared to be scientists. They were speckled along the landscapes and testing the soil. Each scientist worked in unison with each other. Much like us, they were donned in bright white haz mat attire, with metallic face masks. Just above the soil they slowly waved a paddle made of pewter. In the center of the paddle contained a crystal resembling a smoky quartz. The stone had a responsibility to filter out negative energy and place a protective shield over the land. Lined around the circular portion of the paddle were strands of fiber optics. At the very tips, they were supposed to glow in varying colors, instead they were black. The fiber optics was a conscious extension of the knowledge the scientist was relaying to the device. Some were switching out stones and crystals to find the appropriate stone to eliminate the negativity. I thought to myself, if we haven’t arrived yet, then how could they be infected with negativity? And the answer appeared before my eyes. It didn’t matter who it was, or what they were doing, the inhabitant stood motionless. Then before their eyes, a panoramic vision materialized encircling them with specific earthly actions. This was their apparition.

Some were fortunate to see virtuous, kind acts. As they did, their aura pulsated in brilliant colors. I could feel them absorb the love and I felt as if I was pulsating. Other panoramic views were not pleasant. The disturbing and iniquitous views were graphic. The inhabitant understood and felt fear, pain, rage and sorrow encompassing the action and so did I. It was as if we were watching a horror movie and all of our senses were alerted to the highest peak. The inhabitant drained of its radiance, and began to turn grey. The ground below his feet absorbed the negative energy and turned black. Immediately, doctors and nurses, even children rushed to the apparition witness. Everyone worked in perfect unison as we do with an emergency situation however they were not going to a typical hospital. They raced to a quarantined area built into one particular mountain, designated for segregation. Inside were multitudes of rooms, huge in size. Eyewitnesses rested on beds awake or somewhat conscious. None of them had regained their radiance back and every minute that passed, their life force was diminishing. I stood in front of one witness, and observed the equipment in use for curing the infection. Attached to the patient were much longer strands of the fiber optics I had seen on the paddles. The strands draped long like I.V. sets, connecting into miniaturized Hadron Colliders. The colliders were perched into alcoves in the wall. I immediately remembered that our physicists are using Hadron Colliders to understand the Higgs Boson or what is referred to as the “the God Particle.”Our civilization is trying to find the creation of everything with the use of the Collider, and this civilization is trying to understand how to destroy the field of negative energy contained and distributed through us. An icy chill permeate my being as I considered the great knowledge these beings have obtained, and how little we know. Utopia’s sorrow became my sorrow. I asked, “What will happen if they aren’t able to cure the witnesses?” I was enveloped in a loving energy. “They will transition over before their time and have an opportunity to return if they wish.” “Return if they wish?” I asked in bewilderment. The voice continued kindly, “You still haven’t grasped what you have witnessed. Love is the essence of the soul. Utopia is the reward the beings have given to themselves and to each other. They want to preserve Utopia for the next generations to come and enjoy, in honor of the accomplishments they may achieve. A superior decision will be made concerning the soul’s return.” “They will find a solution, right?” I did not receive an answer. I asked again aggressively. Silence engulfed me.
My eyes opened and a beacon of light radiated across the sky from a distant lighthouse. Scientists were monitoring the vibrations and energies shifting through the cosmos with sophisticated telescopes. Energies of everything were deciphered there. Below me, a scientist was receiving brief glittering colors from the wand he held. From behind him a scientist from the lighthouse approached. Placing his hand on the shoulder of the scientist observing the soil, he received his attention. “I have information to give to you. We have detected a sphere unseen to us before” “Do you know its characteristics?” was asked. “The transference wave is technology and has human vibration. The materials are from earth.” The question was reluctantly answered. I felt peace in a struggle amongst the scientists. “Do we have a point in arrival?” Fell the next question. “Our measure is less than a generation.” Hovering above the two, I witnessed apparitions multiply. The scientist clenched the wand in his hand and raised his head toward the sky. I felt as if he were staring at me, instead, he was sending his consciousness through the realms.All at once I drifted further up. My vision and hearing dissipated. It was as if hair like threads were pulling me back. “No!” I yelled. “Please let me go, I need to know if we destroy Utopia.” I begged. I began sobbing. My journey was taking me back through our solar system, ultimately reaching earth.
The silence of my room encircled me. I felt calm coming out of my slumber. My emergence to awareness crept upon me and with my eyes still closed I felt the presence of being stared at. As my eyes opened they connected to the endearing eyes of my dogs, waiting patiently. I could hear them say “she is back” as their tales wagged into full thrust. Stepping outside for a breath of fresh air, I turned to my guys and said “Thank you for loving me.” As I reached for my glass of water, a graceful butterfly landed on my deck and then flew away.

Inspiring Thoughts in anyone is always a challenge. I hope you enjoyed this story.

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