Spiritual Moment

Did you have a Spiritual Moment and not realize it?

What is a Spiritual Moment?


"Our understanding is not sufficient to enable us to set bones, and, since we cannot walk on the water, we take a boat. We can go only as far as we know. Principle is Infinite, but we can demonstrate only at the level of our own concept.

If a man struggles against a habit, he is building up a mental resistance, but if he does not resist it while you treat him, he will soon find himself liberated.

People say: "I can't take off my glasses." Then wear them; but begin to make the declaration that there is One Perfect Vision seeing through you. This is the Truth. When this statement shall have become a subjective realization, you will be healed and will no longer need glasses.

If a plaster will relieve, use it. If a pill does any good, take it; but gradually lead thought from where it is into the higher realms of consciousness where neither plasters nor pills are needed." Taken from the Science Of Mind Text.

Each person has a mental atmosphere that is the result of all that he has thought, said, done, and consciously or unconsciously perceived. This mental atmosphere is very real and is that subtle influence that constitutes the power of personal attraction; for personal attraction has but little to do with looks; it goes much deeper and is almost entirely subjective.

This will explain the likes and dislikes of those with whom we come in daily contact. We meet some, only to turn away without a word, while others we are at once drawn toward, and without any apparent reason; this is the result of their mental atmosphere or thought vibration. No matter what the lips may be saying, the inner thought out speaks them and the unspoken word often carries more weight than the spoken.

In contacting people, we are instantly attracted or repelled, according to the vibrations which we feel. A person whose atmosphere is one of love and sunshine, whose nature is to be happy, who lives a clean, wholesome life in a free atmosphere, will always attract friends.

Children feel mental atmosphere very keenly and are drawn to those who are inwardly right, shunning those who are inwardly wrong. It has been truly said that people whom children and dogs do not like are dangerous.

Animals are almost entirely subjective and feel mental atmospheres more keenly than do most people. A dog instinctively knows one's attitude toward him and, acting accordingly, is immediately a friend or foe. Personal atmospheres vary in their intensity, there being as many varieties as there are people; for each creates his own atmosphere in Mind.

As Emerson said: "What you are speaks so loudly that I cannot hear what you say."

When it comes to spiritual moments it does help to put yourself in situations with like-minded people. Although it is not necessary. Let me explain it this way. In my life, I have had many spiritual moments. I am not sure that my words will be able to express the feelings that I experienced.

Many years ago I went to see Ram Dass. He is one of my favorite authors. When I left at the end of his talk I felt like I was walking on air. My body and mind were at a level of peace not generally achieved. It lasted maybe two hours then faded. 

“The freer I get, the higher I go. The higher I go, the more I see. The more I see, the less I know. The less I know, the more I’m free.”
— Ram Dass

Praying with a group of friends has also has given me this comfort. 

Connecting with a new friend that I just met or watching a movie that stirs my emotions and my spirit. 

The circumstances will be unique to you. I know that if you think about it it will come into your awareness. My recommendation would be to surround yourself with like-minded people. Join a spiritual prayer group or meet friends for loving talks. 

Most important is that you take the time for yourself. Love yourself and others. You will see these special moments.


I would like to end by reminding you how important it is to keep your mind focused on the universe and not the everyday distractions.

Remember that we already live in a Perfect Universe but it needs to be mentally seen and spiritually experienced before It can become a part of our everyday life. At this time your Spiritual Moments will increase. When you are in these moments of bliss there is nothing you can not create.

Study these pages and other Authors you are attracted to and never stop learnings!

Blessings to all and my your outlook be spiritually realized.

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