Healthier Habits

I am going to examine Healthier Habits from the spiritual side. The goal for most of us is to be happy and if you have healthy habits you will feel better, be less negative and your mind will be more free to increase your spirituality.

I am not going to spend time here telling you what health habits are, you already know.

A lot of what I talk about is common thinking for all Science Of Mind ministers of which I am.

Healthier Habits and Metaphysics?

Ernest Holmes founder of Science of Mind says This: "Back in the subjective are the images of thought surrounding us, all acting as living intelligence. It is here that habits are formed; for when one has a habit that he cannot seem to break he is hypnotized by the thought and desire back of that habit; the thought force has grown too strong to be controlled. Habits are healed by neutralizing the thought forces behind them."

Know your own mind; train yourself to think what you wish to think; be what you wish to be; feel what you wish to feel; and place no limit on Principle. The word which you speak would be just as powerful as the words which Jesus spoke, if you knew it; but know this within and not only without. It must be felt and believed with no reservations.

Remember our only limitations is what we put into the universe by way of our thinking. What do I mean by this? There is only ONE GOD and this Spirit and "there is nothing else" is in and part of everything. We also call this Mind!

Spirit is Self-Knowing, but Law is automatic and obeys the will of Spirit, having no alternative other than to obey.

Law is Mind in action, God, Universe or the Creator, what ever term you find comfortable. Each religion or belief has there own God, which I believe are all the same. There is only ONE GOD.

Edgar Cayce says this: “God’s Mind” is a creative energy—a conscious and intelligent force composed of Love, Harmony and Beauty, and is omnipotent and omnipresent. According to the interpretation in the Gospel of St. John, the Light which was in Jesus was the same Light out of which the world was created.

They say that changing a habit takes about 21 days. This means that you must keep all negative thinking and that also means being negative about what you see and experience.

Look at it this way. You wake up meditate, get your mind in a good place then leave the house and say look at this terrible traffic, all these homeless people, what about all this trash. You get the point. What we think and do is very important. The Laws of the universe are very specific.

What this essentially means is you can never be wrong. Every thing you do is perfect. The Law only has one purpose, that is to create. It does not know right from wrong.

Never put to much focus on that which you do not want, because too much focus can create. The laws of the universe are impartial. They only respond to your thoughts and actions. Healthier Habits come from putting one foot in front of each other and striving every day to make subtle changes.

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