Change Your Life
Written by Rev. Carol

This page will help you to Change Your Life.

When you read your daily newspapers, listen to the talk of your neighbors, keep your eyes open on the streets what do you see and hear?

People come in all shapes, sizes and peculiarities, but over and above it all you see one great difference.

Some of them are happy and successful and some of them are not. Some stride confidently from day to day, accumulating success upon success and one happy moment upon another. They seem to be endowed with some special force.

Yes they changed their life. You can too

Are You Going To Change Your Life?

While others drag themselves through each twenty-four hours as if life were a burden and more troubles were tomorrows only expectation.

In which category have you been living?

Or do you belong to a third classification of people who limp through life: They are never completely miserable, but they are never really happy; they’re never complete failures but success is always just beyond their reach: they’re never sick enough to go to the hospital but some little illness is always chipping away their health.

You need no words of mine to convince you that these differences do exist among human beings. But if you have been one of the unhappy ones here is an unquestionable fact: you have not been making use of the LAW. And that makes the difference. What law? You may ask, Gods Law. Understanding this will help you change your life.

Let us restate our principles.

We are surrounded by an Infinite Possibility. It is Goodness, Life, Law and Reason. In expressing Itself through us, It becomes more fully conscious of Its own being. Therefore, It wishes to express through us. As It passes into our being, It automatically becomes the law of our lives. It can pass into expression through us only as we consciously allow It to do so.

Therefore, we should have faith in It, and It’s desires and It’s ability to do for us all that we shall ever need to have done. Since It just passes through our consciousness to operate for us, we must be conscious that It is doing so. The one who wishes to have some particular good, must become conscious of that particular good, If we wish to experience it. Therefore, we must make our minds more receptive to it and we must do this consciously.

We are dealing with Intelligence, and should deal with it intelligently.

A prayer treatment is a statement in the Law, embodying the creative idea of our desires and accompanied by an unwavering faith that Gods Law works for us, as we work with It.

Let us waste no further time looking for the secret of success or the key to happiness. Lets start right now. Lets change our life.

Already the door is open and whosoever will, may enter. For it is the use of this great Law, whether It is conscious or unconscious that brings to the world all the health, prosperity and peace of mind that it has.

A new Law? A new way to change your life? Of course not: only newly-discovered! Within the past half century more and more have been discovering and learning about the laws that shape human life. It is becoming part of the human consciousness more now than at any time in all the centuries before.

There is a creative law older than humans, operating ceaselessly in us. It can furnish the dynamics needed to enable us to reach those goals we have selected. It operates inflexibly. It is always creating something, with or without our consent. It creates bad things and it creates good things: happiness and unhappiness, success and failure. It is put here so you can change your life.

But here is the actual key to living, man can set the direction of its activity by cooperating with it. Let me say that again in another way: we can direct this law for our own betterment..The Law exists to serve us. And its as certain, orderly and unchangeable as are the all the other laws of science.

Below is an affirmation from the Science Of Mind


Within Thy Law is freedom to all who will believe.
I believe in Thy Law and I love Thy precepts.
I know that Thy Law is perfect and It is a delight to my Soul, for It is illumined with Thy Words of Power.
Thy Law is complete freedom to me, and to all for whom it shall be spoken.
I speak the Word of freedom to all, and all shall receive it.

I am free in Thy Law.

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