Though this list of Metaphysics_Definition_Dictionary_S-Z may not be 100% complete, It will give you the terms you will need to understand metaphysics and all it's teachings.

Metaphysics is a wonderful field of study that will enhance your life like you never thought possible.

I give thanks to Ernest Holmes Founder of Science of Mind, one of my mentors for this information.

These Metaphysics_Definitions_Dictionary is taken from my Science of Mind teaching manual.


"We must realize the Perfect Universe if we wish to embody the greatest good. If the Universe were not Perfect It could not exist for a single moment. It is self-evident that we live in a Perfect Universe; and, if so, then everything in It must also be perfect. The Truth is Indivisible and Whole. God is Complete and Perfect. A Perfect Cause must produce a Perfect Effect. Disregarding all evidence to the contrary, the student of Truth will maintain that he lives in a Perfect Universe and among perfect people; he will regulate his thinking to meet this necessity and will refuse to believe in its opposite. At first he may appear to be weak; but as time goes on, he will prove to Itself that his position is a correct one; for that which appears imperfect will begin to slip from his experience. To daily meditate on the Perfect Life and to daily embody the Great Ideal is the way to sure salvation; this is a royal road to freedom and is happiness to the soul of man.

We cannot afford to believe in imperfection for a single instant. Let us learn to look as God must look, with a Perfect Vision; let us seek the Good and the True and believe in them with our whole heart; let us say daily to our inner selves: "Perfect God within me; Perfect Life within me, Which is God; Perfect Being within me, Which is God, come forth into expression through me and become that which I am; lead me into the paths of perfection and cause me to see only the Good." By this practice, the soul will become illumined and will acquaint itself with God and be at peace. "Be ye therefore perfect, even as your Father Which is in heaven is Perfect." Ernest Holmes Living The Science Of Mind


SUBSIST: To live by virtue of spirit.

SPIRITUAL: The atmosphere of God.

SUGGESTION: Receiving the thoughts of another. Suggestion accepts the ideas of others and believes in them. It may be conscious or unconscious.

SAINT: A holy man.

SAGE: One versed in spiritual truths.

SEER: One who sees into causes.

SELF-KNOWING MIND: The conscious mind.

SELF-EXISTENT: Living by virtue of its own being.

SELF-PROPELLING: Having power within itself.

SPECIALIZE: To bring into concrete form.

SILENCE: The inner realization of the One Life.

SCIENCE: Knowledge of laws and principles.

SPIRITS: Personalities.

SUBSTANCE: The formless back of all forms.

SPIRIT: God, within Whom all spirits exist. The Self-Knowing One. The Conscious Universe. The Absolute.

SOUL: The Creative Medium of Spirit.

SUBJECTIVE: Beneath the threshold of the conscious. The inner side.

SUBCONSCIOUS: The same as subjective.

SYMBOL: Mental impressions denoting spiritual or mental truths.

SONSHIP: Man as the Son of God.

SUBJECTIVE TENDENCY: The subjective trend of thought.

SPIRITUAL REALIZATION: The realization of the Divine Presence.

SUBJECTIVE STATE OF THOUGHT: The sum total of all one's thinking, both conscious and unconscious.

SPACE: The Cosmic World. The distance between two specific forms. Space is a relative condition within the Absolute.

STREAM OF CONSCIOUSNESS: The automatic, mental emanation of the subjective state of thought.

SUBJECTIVE SIDE OF LIFE: The inner side of life, as law.

SUBLIMATE: To transmute energy into another form of action.

SIMPLE CONSCIOUSNESS: Consciousness, as in an animal.

SELF-CONSCIOUSNESS: Personally conscious. Distinguished from Cosmic Consciousness, which is a consciousness of the Unity of the Whole.

SPIRIT OF MAN: God in man.

SELF-REALIZATION: A consciousness of the self as a reality.

SPIRITUAL MAN: Man in a conscious state.

SIN: Missing the mark. There is no sin but a mistake and no punishment but an inevitable consequence.

SUBJECTIVE CAUSATION: The mental law set in motion.

SPIRITUAL CONSCIOUSNESS: The realization of the Divine Presence.

SUBJECTIVITY OF THE UNIVERSE: The Universal Soul or mental Law.

SUBJECTIVE TO SPIRIT: The Law is the subjective to the Spirit.

SUBJECTIVE ACTIVITY: The inner action of the automatic law.

SOUL OF THE UNIVERSE: The Universal Creative Medium.

SPIRIT OF THE UNIVERSE: The Self-Knowing Mind of God.

 TRIUNE UNITY: The Trinity.

TREATMENT: The art, act and science of inducing thought on the subjective side of life. Setting the Law in motion.

TELEKINETIC ENERGY: Moving ponderable objects without physical contact.

TRANCE: A subjective state.

TELEPATHY: Thought transference.

THOUGHT FORMS: All thought has definite form on the subjective side of life.

THE ONLY: The One Power.

TIME: "Sequence of events in a Unitary Whole."

THOUGHT: The movement of consciousness.

TRUTH: That which Is.

TRINITY: The Threefold Universe.

THEOLOGY: That which treats of the nature of God.

TRANSMUTATION: Same as sublimation.

 UNIVERSE: The Cosmic World.

UNITY: The Oneness of God and man.

UNCONSCIOUS MEMORY: Subjective memory.

UNCONSCIOUS THOUGHT: Unconscious subjective thought.

UNIVERSAL LAW: Divine Principle.

UNIVERSAL MIND: The Creative Medium of Spirit.

UNIVERSAL SPIRIT: The Conscious Mind of God.

UNIVERSAL SOUL: The Universal Subjectivity.

UNIVERSAL SUBJECTIVITY: The Creative Medium or the Universal Mind.

 VISUALIZATION: The art of mentally projecting a thought form into the Universal Creative Medium. 

VIBRATION: Law in execution.

 WORD: The thought of God or man.


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