Though this list of Metaphysics_Definition_Dictionary_I-M may not be 100% complete, It will give you the terms you will need to understand metaphysics and all it's teachings.

Metaphysics is a wonderful field of study that will enhance your life like you never thought possible.

I give thanks to Ernest Holmes one of my mentors for this information.

These Metaphysics_Definitions_Dictionary is taken from my Science of Mind teaching manual.

INDWELLING EGO: The Spirit of man as differentiated from his soul or subjective mentality. The Real Man which is the conscious part of him.

INDWELLING GOD: The Real Man is as much of God as he is able to embody. The Divine Spark, Birthless and Deathless.

INDWELLING CHRIST: Generic man, manifesting through the individual. The idea of Divine Sonship. The Real Man. As much of this reality appears as we allow to express through us.

IMMACULATE CONCEPTION: All things are immaculately conceived, as all things come from the One.

IMMORTALITY: The Deathless Principle of Being in all people.

INTUITION: The ability to know without any process of reasoning. God knows only intuitively.

IMAGE: The mental likeness of anything.

INSPIRATION: From the human side, means contact with the subconscious of the individual or the race. From the Divine, means contact with the Universal Spirit.

ILLUMINATION: Inspiration reaching Cosmic state. A direct contact with Reality or God. A complete intuitive perception.

INSTINCTIVE LIFE: The One in everything.

INSTINCTIVE MAN: The Spiritual Man.

INHERENT LIFE: Real life as distinguished from latent life.

INNER SIGHT: The spiritual capacity of knowing the Truth. It is a mental quality which brings the mentality to a comprehension of Reality.

INDIVIDUALITY: The Real Idea of man, as distinguished from the outer personality.

IDEA: A concept. The Ideas of God are the Divine Realizations of His own Being. The real Ideas are eternal.

I AM: From the universal standpoint, means God; and from the individual, means the Real Man.

INVOLUTION: Ideas involved in Mind. Involution precedes evolution.

INDUCTIVE REASONING: Reasoning from effect to cause.

IMAGINATION: The imaging faculty.

INDUCE: The act of planting seeds of thought in Creative Mind.

IMPERSONAL RECEPTIVITY: The Creative Mind is impersonal receptivity, in that It receives all seeds of thought.

INTELLECT: The reasoning faculty.

ILLUSION OF MIND: Means looking at a picture in Mind which may be real, only as a picture, but not as substance. As a picture of a person is not the person, so there are many pictures, drawn in Mind, which are real only as pictures. Mine is not an illusion, but might present us with illusions, unless we are very careful to distinguish the false from the true.

INCARNATION: The Spirit of God in all Creation.

INFINITE: That which is beyond all comprehension.

IMMUTABLE LAW: Absolute in its ability to accomplish.

INSANITY: The loss of the objective faculties.


JESUS: The name of a man. Distinguished from the Christ. The man Jesus became the embodiment of the Christ as the human gave way to the Divine Idea of Sonship.

KARMA: The subjective law of cause and effect.


LOGOS: The word of God.

LAW: Mind in action.

LIFE: The animating Principle of Being.

LAW OF ATTRACTION: Subjective tendencies set in motion which are bound to attract.

LAW OF CORRESPONDENCES: The subjective image of a desire. In the subjective world there is an exact image of everything that is in the objective world.

LOVE: The givingness of the self.

LATENT LIFE: Life that depends upon reality. Distinguished from inherent life.

LOGIC: Reasoning which keeps faith with itself.

LIBIDO: The emotional urge within life which causes it to express itself.

LEVITATION: Where the body is lifted without the aid of any physical medium.


MAYA: World of mental illusion.

MENTAL CORRESPONDENTS: The inner image in mind which balances the outer objectification of itself. Every objective thing has an inner mental correspondent.

MASCULINE PRINCIPLE: The Self-Assertive Spirit, either in God or man.

MATERIAL MAN: The objective man. Not opposed to Spirit, but the logical outcome of the Self-Knowing Mind.

MENTAL PLANE: Just between the Spiritual and the physical. The three planes intersphere each other.

METAPHYSICAL PRINCIPLE: The Universal Creative Mind; as Spirit, It is conscious; as Law, It is subjective.

METAPHYSICS: That which is beyond the known laws of physics.

MULTIPLICITY: The many things and people which come from the One. All come from the One, And all live in , and by, the One.

MAN: The objectification of God in the human form. The idea of God manifested in the flesh. The Sonship of the Father. Generic man is the Type, and the personal man is the concrete expression of the Type.

MONEY: The idea of Spiritual supply, objectified.

MEDIUM: One who objectifies subjectivity.

MYSTIC: One who senses the Divine Presence.

MYSTICISM: Not a mystery, but a mystic sense of the presence of Ultimate Reality.

MANIA: An irresistible desire controlling personal action.

MENTAL TREATMENT: The act, art, and science of inducing thought in Mind, which thought, operated upon by Mind, becomes a manifested condition.

MENTAL EQUIVALENT: Having a subjective idea of the desired experience.

MENTAL SCIENCE: The science of Mind and Spirit. A systematic knowledge of the laws of the Mental and Spiritual World.

MIRROR OF MIND: The subjective world, reflecting the images of thought that are projected into it by the conscious mind.

MIRROR OF MATTER: The external form of an inner concept.

MATTER: Any form which substance takes in the world of sense and objectivity.

MANIFESTATION: The objectification of ideas.

MICROCOSM: The individual world or universe of man.

MACROCOSM: The Universal World.

MEMORY: The subjective retention of ideas.

MESMERISM: The influence of personality.

MENTAL ATMOSPHERE: The mental emanation of anything, any person or any place. Everything has some kind of a mental atmosphere.

MIND: Mind is both conscious and subconscious. Conscious Mind is Spirit, either in God or man. Unconscious Mind is the law of conscious Mind acting and is, therefore, subconscious or subjective.

MENTALITY: An individual use of Universal Mind. There is One Mind, but within this One Mind are many mentalities. The One Mind is God and the mentalities are people.

MALPRACTICE: The destructive use of Mind Power. It may be conscious or malicious, innocent, or ignorant.

MENTAL IMAGE: Subjective likeness.


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