Mental Science
Authored By Rev.Carol

What is Mental Science?

Why is it important to control our thought's?

In the world of New Thought thinking, we hear a lot about consciousness (mental awareness). In Mental Science we know It is to be both objective and subjective. We hear the terms Conscious Idea or Conscious Mind.

When I thought about explaining this to you, I sensed it may be better explained by putting it on a more personal level. For we know that consciousness is the key to how well our lives will unfold. So our understanding of it could be the most loving thing we could do for ourselves. This is why the study of mental science is essential.

Consciousness or self awareness, is knowing our oneness with God. It is learning from past experiences and taking the old belief system that no longer works anymore, and inserting a positive belief system that does work. For myself it was an accumulation of experiences and suffering, a time when I believed in lack and limitation, when I believed that duality and control was how you succeeded in life. Then through mediation I became aware that we all are a part of a universe that without us would not be whole. 

For we are all in our own unique way a part of the whole picture. When we use the one mind (Gods mind), we have access to the spiritual laws and once these laws are understood, and they become part of our life, we start having wonderful experiences. There is no lack or limitation, so by becoming aware of our thoughts and how they play a part in how our life, we begin to manifest more positive things for ourselves.

We also become aware that every plant, building, every manifested object seen or unseen is part of each one of us. Without you there is a void, without the one mind you are void.

I know that love is law and law is all there is. We are the co-creator of our existence. What makes you special! Just being makes all of us special, and consciousness is self knowing.

It is being open minded and knowing that although we all know all there is to know, mental science helps us to remember.  

I am grateful for having the wisdom to know that, although I am a teacher, I will always be the student, just as you are too.

You are who you are, as I am who I am, and that is wonderful because we are each other with the one mind of GOD.

The brain is what sees, not the eyes. It is how you have programmed the brain that gives you the ability to see.”

So here is what is both enlightening and disturbing at once: Then the only thing that our eyes see is what our brain knows. So I want to ask you a question: How many beings and how many lifeforms exist in the empty space between you and I that you can’t see? Oh, the eye is looking right at it. Why can’t you see that? Because you don’t know it.”

Now you begin to understand why the greatest life we can live is a life in pursuit of knowledge. Notice that I didn’t say truth, I said knowledge, because had that ancient culture had the knowledge of the galleons and the Spaniards and the epic coming of them, they would have been prepared for what they were looking at. But as it were, they were unprepared and worshipped them as deities.”

So how many things have gone on in your life that you had a hair-raising experience from but couldn’t see? How much about your life do you not know? So the eyes are not a judge of reality; they are a confirmation of it. Your eyes do not determine reality; they simply confirm it.” RAMTHA

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