Character Defects

Character Defects are not your Enemy.

Over the years I have read a lot of disturbing information about Character Defects. As a society we are made up of different cultures, religions, ethnic makeup, different teachings whether it be schooling or our peers, parents or other outside influences.

This is what we in Metaphysics refer to as Race Mind Thinking or Race Consciousness. Being that I am a Science of Mind minister I will quote this next part from SOM text.

"ONE of the things which greatly hinders us from demonstrating a greater degree of prosperity we may call race thought or race consciousness. This is the result of all that the race has thought or believed.

We are immersed in it, and those who are receptive to it are controlled by it. All thought seeks expression along the lines of least resistance. When we become negative or fearful we attract that kind of thought and condition.

We must be sure of ourselves; we must be positive; we must not be aggressive, but absolutely sure and poised within. Negative people are always picking up negative conditions; they get into trouble easily: Persons who are positive draw positive things; they are always successful."

"The greatest discovery of my generation is that a human being can alter his life by altering his attitudes."
William James

Character Defects
How They Affect You!

Few people realize that the law of thought is the great reality; that thoughts produce things. When we come to understand this power of thought, we will carefully watch our thinking to see that no thought enters that we should not want made into a thing.

We can guard our minds by knowing that no negative thought can enter; we can practice  daily by saying that no race thought or limitation can enter the mind; "that Spirit forms itself around us and protects us from all fear and from all limitation."

Let us clothe ourselves in the great realization that all power is ours and that nothing else can enter; let us fill the atmosphere of our homes, and places of business with streams of positive thought. Other people will feel this and will like to be near us and enter into the things that we enter into. In this way we shall be continually drawing only the best. 

Life is energy and people are attracted to like mind. We do not want negativity to enter the universe. Remember that all life is Cause and Effect. What you put out will come back as effect. This is important! Look at it this way, You are never wrong! Universal mind does not reason. So what comes out of your mouth and how you act and present your self is what will happen. The Past is gone. Character Defects must be changed today so your tomorrow will be as you imagined.

A.A. Puts a serious importance on Character Defects and I understand why. Read my page on Daily Reflections

I think it will be helpful. Look at Character Defects as a part of you that has yet to realize the Perfect You.

It is inevitable that a some point we all will make a mistake. We will see something in a way that will bring to us Negative Results. Something that is not for our Higher Good.

In a way we are all in some level or form of recovery. Once we make the decision to let go of our old self, the part of us that no longer serves us well anymore. Then and only Then we will begin Living Consciously Take a good Moral Inventory of yourself and see what you need to rid yourself of.

Go to Daily Affirmations and I will send you a Free Affirmation weekly. This will help you become more aware of your thinking. is dedicated to bringing you well thought out information in easy to understand dialog that will help to change your life and raise you to a higher level of consciousness, if you will take the time to study and apply the tools you find on this website.

Below is a small list of what society would call Character Defects. I mixed in some positive words as well.

Please look at these as a guide on what you might want to relive yourself of and not something to identify to closely with. Look at the positive ones and see the difference. Be aware of how you feel when you read these. Maybe there are ones that make you feel good and you want to add to you life.

Remember you are what you think and you think what you are.

The significant problems we face cannot be solved at the same level of thinking we were at when we created them.










































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