Manifesting Change

Manifesting change and living in the moment is important if happiness is one of your goals.

The word Manifesting meaning:

Psychoanalysis or pertaining to conscious feelings, ideas, and impulses that contain repressed psychic material: the manifest content of a dream as opposed to the latent content that it conceals.

The word Change meaning: 

to make the form, nature, content, future course, etc., of something different  from what it is or from what it would be if left alone: to change one's name; to change one's opinion; to change the course of  history.

So Manifesting Change starts with you, and what you think. It is an accumulation of all your thoughts and desires. This is why positive thinking is so important.

We should all take the time to be more aware of what we think about. This can happen while mediating or while you are driving. Every time a negative thought enters your awareness that you are not comfortable with, say:  

I no longer choose to think like this.

I am a Science of Mind minister and talk about it a lot. For me the text book was one of the easiest books to understand. It was complete and life changing. Because this is a teaching website I will always try to provide the vest and easiest information to understand. I have it available to download on my page eBook Download Free.


Ernest Holmes: Creative Mind: eBook Download Free

"First Steps: The first thing to realize is that since any thought manifests it necessarily follows that all thought does the same, else how should we know that the particular thought we were thinking would be the one that would create? Mind must cast back all or none. Just as the creative power of the soil receives all seeds put into it, and at once begins to work upon them, so mind must receive all thought and at once begin to operate upon it. Thus, we find that all thought has some power in our lives and over our conditions. We are making our environments by the creative power of our thought. God has created us thus and we cannot escape it. By conforming our lives and thought to a greater understanding of law we shall be able to bring into our experience just what we wish, letting go of all that we do not want to experience and taking in the things we desire.  Every person is surrounded by a thought atmosphere. This mental atmosphere is the direct result of thought which in its turn becomes the direct reason for the cause of that which comes into our lives. Through this power we are either attracting or repelling. Like attracts like and we attract to us just what we are in mind. It is also true that we become attracted to something that is greater than our previous experience by first embodying the atmosphere of our desire.  Every business, every place, every person, everything has a certain mental atmosphere of its own. This atmosphere decides what is to be drawn to it. For instance, you never saw a successful man who went around with an atmosphere of failure. Successful people think about success. A successful man is filled with that subtle something which permeates everything that he does with an atmosphere of confidence and strength. In the presence of some people we feel as though nothing were too great to undertake; we are uplifted; we are inspired to do great things, to accomplish; we feel strong, steady, sure. What a power we feel in the presence of big souls, strong men, noble women!"

“You can never solve a problem with the same kind of thinking that created the problem in the first place.” 


Manifesting Change and Living Consciously

Believe it or not we are in control of our minds. See my page on Living Consciously. Do not put off making changes. The longer you wait the longer you will not be manifesting the changes you want.

There is an old saying I grew up with that says, Today is the first day of the rest of your life. Yesterday is gone and tomorrow is not promised.

Do not ruin today by not thinking the things you desire. Please understand that what you do today becomes your tomorrow. Make the right choice today and you future will be as you would like. This is the first step to Manifesting the life you want.

Think of it this way. Our mind process information so fast that by the time you realize what you said it is already the past. This process will be like this from now until eternity. So my point is if you do not like the past change it now. Do not worry about the past. You can not put the words back in your mouth. 

Keep moving forward with small goals, then bigger ones then even bigger and before you know it what you wanted to change would have already happened.

This is you being in the zone. Have fun with the spiritual process and you will find that everything will fall into place. Yes change is always work, but it does not have to be painful work. I promise that if you just try working with the information on Metaphysics-For-Better-Living website you will be happier than you were before. 

The Key to Happiness is the Ability to Change

“Finally, what I really want is to be happy in this moment, where the magic and miracles happen. Stay in the moment and all gifts are added as you breathe and take inspired action.”

Dr. Joe Vitale

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