Law of Attraction 2

Know that you are One with GOD.

The Law of Attraction 2 and You

We live in an Universe of Love and an Universe of Law, one complements the other. The Universe of Love is pulsating with emotions and feelings. The Universe of Law is acting upon them.

So, you can see how important it is to understand what you are feeling and thinking. Exactly what you are feeling right now, you are attracting. This is having an impact on your life.

GOD is infinite, so are the powers to heal and to create your ideal life. This does take work, so be prepared to set aside time for yourself to really think about areas in your life that you will need to change. It does not have to take work if you can get your mind right. Although it will for most of us.

Everything we learned up to this point is having a impact on our life. If it was all positive then you are ahead of some of us. Everything is connected and the energy that flows through you and around you is always bringing to us what we are releasing by way of our words and actions.

Now is the time, right this second to start changing your life. If you are here it is not an accident. Your thoughts are now attracting the Power of the UniverseOnly you can make the changes that will affect the rest of your life.

The Law of Attraction 2 and You

Search the rest of Metaphysics-For-Better-Living and you will find the path to better living.

Know that a perfect GOD could never create imperfection. The science part of metaphysics is for you to take this information, implement it into your life and prove to yourself and others that this works.

There is no better feeling than to see the Universe Manifesting what you Asked For.

Religion and Spirituality both want the same thing, to be ONE with GOD.

The pure energy of the universe is forever flowing in You and around You

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Thank you! Rev. Bill

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