Conscious Intelligence

I AM that I AM

Learn how to stay connected to your Body-Mind-Soul Spirit.

This is GOD'S gift to us.

The human body is an amazing creation. So, why do we abuse it? We take this gift from GOD and do such terrible things to ourselves and others.

This entire website is dedicated to better living. So, to really heal yourself you must incorporate all the tools, not just pick out the ones you like best.

Spirit or Conscious Intelligence is acting through everything, and everything responds to intelligence.


Living Consciously means to see the larger picture. Think of it as the Pure Temple that it is.

We all know that Exercise, eating healthy and maintaining a healthy weight will go a long way in remaining happy, more aware and healthy. GOD did not give us this life so that we would be sick, poor and mentally bankrupt.

GOD gave us perfection, so if any of these parts are not in perfect working order
We will find it harder to get centered in 


What is this?. We are all working with one Infinite Power. One source, whatever you choose to call GOD.

JESUS is quoted as saying:

"We must Die to be Born.”

Jesus is one of many teachers I will talk about in describing Metaphysics.

Did he really mean we must die? Of course not.

What he was referring to, was letting go of the old self, the part of your consciousness that you no longer feel is useful.

Then the Mind starts to come together as one.

We need to get to a point in our life’s where if someone or something no longer is inspiring to us, then we need to let it go.

Body-Mind-Soul is very important in the mental aspect of using the Law of Attraction.

We must raise our Consciousness. We must learn to live more Spiritual, to do the things that will allow us to soar to new heights.

Living consciously is not an accident.

We are the creator of our life. The way we Think, how we Feel, what we say, how we say it! All play a part in how the universe reacts. Remember the Law of Attraction, does not reason. It gives you exactly what you ask for: Good or Bad.

Open up your heart to new possibilities and your Soul will follow. Using quite time to get your self more centered and into the natural flow of Spirit.

Meditating or just sitting and listen to your inner self, that is where you will find GOD.

Then you will know peace. Your Subconscious Mind, the creator, will then be fertile enough for you to start sowing seeds. When the BODY-MIND-SOUL start working together, you will start manifesting all that you desire. Do not let LIFE happen to you, CONTROL IT! 

"Attitude is a little thing that makes a big difference."

Winston Churchill

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