by Mike Wigle

Déjà vu experiences are the solution to world peace.
Early man, having this experience felt that he had been here before.
These feelings grew into ideas of reincarnation and became the basis for the world's first religions.
After centuries of growth, these feelings, that there was more to life, led to the age of enlightenment and various persons began to share their ideas.
Buddha realised that people made the world what it was, that in fact "with our minds we make the world".
On the other side of the continent we have ideas of a deity based belief taking hold.
In addition, we have people who traveled farther and reached relative isolation for many generations.
The people who made the Arctic crossing of the Bearing Straits formed ideas of a Great Spirit that lived within all things.
The Australian Aboriginal people knew that we are connected to the land through the dream universe.
If we take the important parts of all the world's religions, and piece them together, we get a very solid platform on which to build a new understanding of our world, and more importantly, our individual places in that world.
We are one people.
Sharing a world experience :)

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