What was there before the big bang?

by Rumani
(India, Kolkata )

What was there before the big bang?

I have to assume this . Let me assume there was “Nothing” before big bang . “How did Nothing” look like? I want to see “Nothing” which means it does not exist. That’s Okay for me if nothing is invisible cause I can’t see air also. So Nothing is invisible with human eyes. Next as a human I want to smell “Nothing” . That is also not possible cause sometimes oxygen and carbon-dioxide are odorless. So now I might be able to assume that “Nothing” can move as air can move. Now I want to hear “Nothing”. “Nothing” is inaudible. Nothing is audible only in contact with another object but “Nothing” is single. So sound wasn’t yet born alone. Next I want to touch “Nothing”. Nothing can never be touched. Touch isn’t present yet. So the only subjective conclusion is that “Nothing” can move. But where will “Nothing” move ? There is no space yet born. Nothing is on wheels without space. But how can “Nothing” move. Lets assume nothing is vibrating now as there is no space. But this is just an assumption. We have to think outside the box.

What happened to “Nothing” then? This is about “Nothing” in one universe. In the adjacent universe “Nothing” can’t move yet. “Nothing” is just a new born there. But where is the adjacent universe?

So, coming to the bottom line again “Nothing” can move. What is motion? A displacement from one point to another. But then as there is no space the entity “Nothing” basically tends to move. What do you call such a state of an entity? A suppressed state that is not doing what it is supposed to do freely. An emotion is born within “Nothing”. The emotion is unlike human emotion. It is the emotion of “Nothing”(or N). So what else does define the emotion? We don’t know much about this emotion. You can move freely on earth but when you are on moon your motion is suppressed . N still feels different. What feel is it? A body in motion tends to be in motion unless an external force impacts it as per Mr. Newton. This is a different emotion. I am N . N is unicellular or non cellular as it has no physical appearance. Only reality of N is that N can move if there is space .

A entity able to move but can’t do that is an emotion of N. Lets say it just contracts its capability or is forced to do so . So, Force is there in the universe with N now. But Force is not a pressure exerted on a physical entity . It’s a pressure exerted on an entity N to mask all of N’s free capability. Force in this case would be – F=ma 🡪that’s wrong

It would be F=(-N) or F=1/N🡪Not clear

If I define Force by F, what would the frictional Force be given by? I think not Force but Friction was born or resistance was born. So N has resistance/friction. Friction wont be appropriate.

Lets say N has resistance now. So can we prove this ? There were no electric charge in Nothing but now even N has static charge. But this is not clear. Its vague.

If I assume N to be carrying some electric charge , am I right that N is now an electric charge . Am I right or wrong?

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