What is prayer and why pray?

by Rev. Carol

Prayer for me is a positive statement of truth. When we reach a position in life we realize that prayer is not a petition for help it is the actualization of truth. The God I know and believe in, is all loving and forgiving.

This God only wants the good for all things, human and non-human. When I speak to God in my mind or out loud it is for a purpose. It may be a positive truth about a person or situation, of wholeness, love and all the highest thoughts.

At first when I began to make a statement of prayer, I had to think of all the wonderful things in my life that were blessings. Thoughts of animals, a kitten, puppy, a beautiful meadow full of flowers, a majestic sunrise or sunset, warmth on a cold winter day. A cool summer breeze, the smell after a rain. The feeling of soft velvet. There are so many wonderful things in my life.

When you need to pray, before you make a statement of truth think of all the things that are good and bring you joy in your life. How about some of your favorite things, a car, your home, music, what do you see? Laughter, joy, wisdom, intelligence. The chair your sitting on, knowing God is supporting you. The air you breaths is God given you life. It is impossible not to know the goodness of God, to see God the feel God in all. Once you realize God in everything think about what you want to say to God.

Do you really have to beg for anything? No!!! All is good, no matter how it appears for the moment. Every day is a learning experience to help grow our knowledge and to help those who don’t know their oneness with GOD. When you sit to ask God for anything, know that God only wants the highest experience for you, or the situation that you feel needs healing, say only what is good and speak a positive statement of God’s truth.

Use the MIND OF GOD, which is really your mind at its highest state of being. To be cont…

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