Universal Mind

(Tampa, Fl)

Rev. C. St. Laurent,  D.D.

Rev. C. St. Laurent, D.D.

What is Universal Mind? Everything?

Is that what you thought, well then you’re right. Every time I think about what Universal Mind encompasses it amazes me. Just think for a minute or so to think of what this means for you.

Universal Mind is all, whether known, or the unknown, what is, and what will be. All comes from that same Mind, Universal Mind. Every creation you can think of is made of Universal Mind.

WOW that means my mind and your mind are also of Universal Mind.

Most people call Universal Mind, GOD, the Alpha the Omega, and It has been called many other names. The Entity that created it ALL. Yes, that’s the one.

Now understanding that our mind is a part of God's mind is boggling for most of us, and how to use it even more so. Most people don’t use most of their mind; the average person only uses about 5% of their mind.

I can imagine what society would be if we all were in touch with our mind that is part of God's Mind. I would love to be able to tap in to that part of my mind on a consistent basis. I have used that part of my mind many times, but most is when I lift myself up to a Higher State of Consciousness or focus on the GOD in me.

That will be something written about time and time again here at this site. One of the greatest uses of the Gods mind was Jesus. I think what excites me the most is that if he used God’s mind so could all of us.

As a matter of fact he did say so many times in the Bible. “This I do, you too also can do” (i.e. John 14:12). Can you just imagine healing the deft, curing the sick, feeding thousand with just a loaf of bread and some fish, changing water into wine? I’d like to do that with changing water into gas.

This mind is the answer to all of life’s questions. Finding the cure for cancer, Universal Mind is the answer. Using this mind to end war, poverty, or even global warming. YES! YES! and YES!, it is a definite solution.

As many Metaphysician say, “For every problem there is a solution, if not, there is no problem”.

One of the most amazing things that scientists have discovered recently, is that everything, no matter what it is, has some of the same DNA, That means the desk I’m sitting at has some of my DNA, it sure does, every person I encounter is really my brother or sister, or my of my relatives. Not of the same parents but of the same universal cloth so to say.

The more time we spend focusing on who we truly are thru meditation or other means of connecting to God, and all the good that is in our lives and around us, the more connected we become to that GOD mind, and our lives become more and more Christ like.

So, I say “The more I focus on my connection to God's Consciousness the more God like I become”.

Rev. C. St. Laurent, D.D.

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