the positve mind

by nnadi

it is really a story that is very touchy to a searching mind. that personal desires most times detach us from the track of reasoning in life. such a situation makes the individual forgets his/her natural callings and/or responsibility in life which amounts to negativity. at every giving time, we should be able to be very mindful of our natural assignments as assigned to us by our creator to execute while in this world. Where and when we fail on our natural duties, we have failed to radiate love to mankind while on earth. such individual is answerable to the misdeed at the appropriate time. again, a responsibility should be executed at the right time by the right person in order to achieve the objective of the assignment. whoever carries out the assignment at the appropriate time, is assumed to be the right person for such assignments. such duty could be physical or spiritual in nature. and such individual radiates love.the import is that we should allow negativity to gain our energy towards positivity in life. thanks. nnadi in nigeria.

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