The Dimension Next Door

by Elena Vella
(Littleton, Colorado)

Spending time with my animals is a very important piece of my life. I have a German Shepard who waits patiently every day for her evening game of tennis ball. Throwing a tennis ball for her is the height of her enjoyment. It is during that time I reflect on many things. As I reflect, I always think of the wonderful dogs I had and how they too enjoyed this time together. It doesn’t take long for me to find some quiet time within myself and think of my brother who passed away from esophageal cancer in 2010. I begin to miss his crazy sense of humor and all of the fun we had together when he was on this earthly realm. As many families, there comes a lot of drama and disagreements, and we were no exception. So rather than going down the road of unfavorable memories, I reflect on the laughter he brought into my life. It may sound ridiculous, but I will ask him, “hey Phil, do you remember when…...” and then shortly after, I laugh at the scenario which took place. It is then that I feel him in the breeze of the trees and his presence in the bird flying just above my head.
I wonder with all of my heart what he is doing at that particular moment, so I begin to imagine and I am overwhelmed with the presence of his soul all around me. I think I can hear him say to me, “I am here kid.” Throwing the ball for my dog, I see the tree she runs up to and wonder. Do the trees, flowers, grass, weeds, stand and sway in and out of our dimension into the dimension where my brother now exists? Their responsibility is to the eco system, and at the very least, to give us beauty. They don’t carry the weight of the world on their shoulders as we do. They don’t worry, have enormous egos or get jealous of each other. Do these actions, including the other plethora of negative actions we perform, prohibit us from flowing as freely as we wish and maybe through other celestial dimensions? I then begin to imagine, there is no fence dividing my property from my neighbor. My neighbor’s property is not there. In fact there is no neighborhood around me and my property at all. It is there that my brother’s dimension merges into mine. He along with my beloved pets sit on silky grass landscapes that extend as far as the eye can see. My trees which are in need of pruning and shaping are exquisite looking when they sway into my brother’s dimension. The flowers have vibrant colors, and their sweet scents are intoxicating as they sway back and forth. With each sway they seem to take on a different shape. Even the weeds that I am ashamed of in my back yard are extremely pretty in their dimensional sway. It is in my minds eye, that I see my brother sitting not far from me with my animals. He’s commenting through consciousness to my dogs, about how much I love animals. It is then, my first German Shepard and Shepard mix, respond to him. They also communicate through consciousness and tell him that they will never forget the love I felt for them, when they shared their life with me. All of our love is imprinted on us and through out everything; my brother whispers in my ear. Then a guardian walks up and gestures for my dogs to follow her. She stands beside me and throws a small ball of sunlight energy for my dogs to catch and play. We are all now in sync. This mysterious angelic guide lets my dogs chime in and play along with me and my current dog. She seems to be the caretaker chosen for my dogs. Maybe she is their guardian angel. Her main responsibility is to let them experience joy and continue the connection they have with me. In the distance there are other guides doing the same. I cannot see who the dogs are connected to, but they play on and on. Peppered through out the vastness, there are trees filled with kittens and cats. The cats lounge around on beefy branches, basking in the sunlight. Kittens are swatting and pouncing on what appears to be, balls of yarn in colors never seen before. They bounce up and down on puppies that roll on their backs and return a swat with playful paws. There are so many animals. Horses are ridden by their owners who have passed on. Every kind of farm animal is being tended to by their loving guides or previous owners. Everyone and thing is in their own bliss, but are enjoying all of the harmony together. My brother watches closely; he is immersing his being in the joy produced from love that increases, and never dies. He wishes I could see and hear him, and experience what is surrounding me from his dimension, but he knows this is not my time for it to happen. The sun begins to set and it is getting close to the end of our play. The sun doesn’t set for my brother or my spiritual dogs, and so they drift further into their dimension playing and running in the vast fields of heaven. My brother feels a hand on his shoulder. He turns to see his guardian, and hears the words “Leave an imprint of your love and your connection will never be severed.” I close my door and say “goodnight guys, I love you”

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