Spirit Calls ... a voice from the wilderness ... Transcending Religion via the Essence of Metaphor ... an alternative view of spiritual potential

by Jerry C. Kays
(United States)

As a middle-aged materialistic successful person, there was a void in my life that could not be filled, a longing for a truthful belonging.

My experiences with religion, as the folks that I knew experienced, were not for me, and I then knew of no other way for spiritual relationships.

But eventually I began a more earnest seeking and tried meditation ... the results were mind blowing and soon culminated in a spontaneous "Spiritual Awakening" ... I found GOD (not God nor gods), UNconditional Love and the highest Truth ... the Truth that set me Free ... free from all fear and discontent.

My book "Spirit Calls ... " is my story and a part of my mission to "tell others" ... as I was instructed to do by my higher Self.

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