Release and Prayer

by Rev. Carol

Any time we pray it serves us best to release our prayer to God, that is why most prayer ends with amen, so it is or so be it.

  It benefits us if we thank God for knowing our prayer is complete and know that we will have our prayer answered.  What ever desires we have, when we pray, know that that prayer has been answered. Use your God Mind and know that you are going to receive, for you are dealing with that Mind which is the Conceive r of all ideas.

When you call upon this Mind for an answer to your problem, It at once knows the answer because there is no problem to It. In this way the answer to every problem you desire is already in the Mind which you possess.

This Mind of God is the Law of your life. When you speak, It speaks within you. Thus your thoughts become the law of your life, because the law of the One Mind already reside at the center of your being.

God can give us only what we take, and the taking is the self-expression of God.

We should speak our word and believe that after it is spoken, it gathers unto itself whatever is necessary to its fulfillment. The Law of God does the rest.

We must know that once our word is spoken that it executes itself, there is nothing that can change it, that there is no belief which can hinder it, that it cannot be reversed, misplaced, mislaid, neutralized or destroyed by any opposing force, that it does the thing it is supposed to do. And we must know that it is continuous and unremitting and will operate until it does all it is supposed to do.

The sooner we release our minds from the thought that we have to create, the sooner we shall be able to work in-line with Spirit.

What we think is what we get. We have already been thinking and creating. Now you wish to create only good instead of negativity, abundance, rather than limitation. We have this ability within ourselves, for the law within us is set in motion by the Mind within.

The Mind within us is God, having complete authority over the Law, but we must reverse our use of this Law. We must accept our freedom, announce our liberty and proclaim our divine birthright.

Since our Mind is the Mind of God, there is a place within where we are universal, where we use Universal Power. That Power is law. This Law, which is at the center of our being, no doubt we have used it in ignorance of its true nature, consequently the very good which we so greatly desire, but which we have been afraid we would not gain, has been kept away for us because we have denied its presence in our experience. To affirm the presence of this good is to use the Law within us for the creation of this good which we affirm.

Its like planting a seed, once planted we don't dig it us to see if its growing. Or like giving birth we don't have a child than say I take it back. Once set in motion, if we think it won't work in essence we are taking it back.

This is where we release our intentions into the universe.

Whatever we believe to be true about God, declare to be the truth about ourselves. Know that the Power within, which is God, is the Law of Good establishing right action in our life. In this manner we gain dominion and exercise authority.

Jesus taught as one having authority, and not as the scribes. In silent communion with the infinite, we create a consciousness  of power though the recognition of the Divine Presence. Jesus said all Power is to be delivered unto you. Prayer is a conscious acceptance of this Power, a joyful recognition of the Divine Presence a grateful acknowledgment of protection and guidance, of wholeness and peace. All Power is given unto you. Prayer enables us to contact this Power and to make a definite use of it for beneficial purposes, to heal, to prosper, to make happy, to revel the wholeness of everything.
Everyone has this Power.

Platonist spoke of it a s a power which all people possess, but which few use. The Bible tells us to stir up the gift that is within us. We must enter into this silent recognition of this quality and use it for our highest good. Nothing hinders Spirit, nothing limits the Infinite, there are no obstructions to it. It penetrates every apparently solid object, it dissolves every obstruction, it creates every desired form. Such is the dynamic  power of silent communion with  with the Reality of spirit.

Through recognition, acknowledgment and receptivity it readjusts the psychic stream of life. It frees the pent-up emotion and causes them to become transformed into the energy, light, power and self expression. Jesus tells us to take not anxious thought for the morrow. All of our tomorrows are still unborn, every day should view a new creation, a world more blessed than yesterday.

The Law can only give us what we take.
This God Mind within us is timeless, yet It creates through all periods of time. It is the intelligence back of every action, whether you call such action good, bad or indifferent. It is always creating form, but It is never limited to any particular form. It is in your every act, but It is always more than  any or all of our actions. Even thought you may appear to be bound in your thinking.

The Mind within you is perfectly free.

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