Race Mind Thinking

by Rev.Carol

Most of the world have thoughts that are the same. Years ago the church, science, and government were all one, there was no separation between any of them. They made all the rules that governed the people and had complete authority over everyone.

Society at that time was in complete disarray. There was no respect for each other, greed, lust, and negativity were the norm. Power and greed were what the ego based governing individuals were after.

They knew if they controlled the people, that money and power would be theirs. I’m sure there were some positive thinking people who really believed that by establishing some type of positive government we would all prosper, which did eventually happen. But, at the same time, those who reigned had other ulterior motives.

Which were to get people to give up their freedom of who they were and become followers and
devotees to them and not the truth of GOD.

They inflicted thoughts of fear and negativity. Once a thought of fear and limitation became the thoughts of the majority it became he law of he land.

Since thoughts are energy, everything that is put into thought becomes form. Now you take thousands of people and give them the same thought, well the results speak for themselves.

People today still believe in some of these thoughts. As in war, where there are those individuals that believe to win (not necessarily always war but anytime someone has the need to win) is or gain or have the power, is the only way to be the top dog, so to say. Most people believe to associate with a winner means you’re a winner too. Hog wash, I say. We are all winners, in God’s life even to loose is to win because there is no loosing only gaining knowledge for spiritual evolution.

Take the thoughts of any individual and you can find the same thought prevalent in others. Lets look at a few.

Money, which is usually the primary need of many individuals. Money makes the world go round. Since when does the earth turn on its axis due to money. I don’t think so. But there are a lot of people who believe that money makes their life easier and makes their world spin, so to say. Money is the root of all evil, I wonder if his statement came from that old church government. Ha Ha. Let the public think money is bad and they will want to give it to us, so they can be pure. Money or the thought that we need money has turned many a good person into a thief, but only because some individuals believed they need it to survive. Thank goodness we know that God is the source of all. Other thoughts are that all blondes are dumb. All women are jealous, women are the weaker sex. Men are idiots, they think with their penis’s. Men are stronger than women. All Jews are rich, all Russian’s are out to rule the world, all Germans love knockwurst, all French are the best lovers, all Italians love spaghetti.

I could sit here and blow holes in all these statements because they are not the truth. They are limiting. General consciousness can be summed up as innocence of thought.

If every individual on our planet were to totally be aware that thoughts are creative they would be bring to question all their thoughts and exactly what they were creating. What toothpaste will get me the right man or woman for me would become irrelevant and would be replaced with the right man or woman is in my life weather I brush not.

And so, think about the thoughts you have and what are they creating in your life.

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