Question on changing thought patterns and letting go to recieve

by Stephen
(Dublin, Ireland)

Hi Rev Bill,

I would be so grateful for help here, perhaps help on on to view things differently - regarding your lastest message.

For 2 years now i have been trying to get back with my ex and child. I desperately would love to be back as a family again.

For 2 years now i have been depressed about it and begging and pleading to start the family again.

I wont go too much into detail but my ex fell out of love with me, i know now i probably didn't love myself.

I see my ex every week when i go to collect my child for one night a week.

I suppose for the last 2 years my mind has been obsessed about getting my ex back to fix the pain of rejection i was feeling.

For the last 2 years i have been attending group psychotherapy to discuss those rejection and attention issues i have been feeling.

For the last 2 years i have been probably concentrating on the feeling of lack.

My ex knows i desperately want back.

I just find it extremely hard to stop thinking about it and so hard to let go and let god fix this.

I have realised I'm powerless to fix my situation, its only god can do it.

I'm wondering would you have a suitable affirmation i could say every day to help me to come to peace with my situation and perhaps start a new relationship with my family when i begin to love myself again.

From reading your message today, i know i have to change my thinking, view it differently.

I'm over here in Ireland, thank you for those emails i get once a week. also i think your site is fabulous, i go to it as often as i can to read the articles.

Yours sincerely


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