psyche flow chart

by Mike Wigle
(Glenevis AB)

Universal Mind
All life consciousness

Core of Your Being
Telepathic communication with all people, places and things.
Your creative source

Dream Universe
The dreams of all people, places and things exists here

Your Dreaming Self
The portion of yourself that communicates between the dream universe and your unconscious mind.

Your Unconscious Mind
Contains ID, Super Ego and various Ego Defence Mechanisms
Unpacks dream information and makes it available to the Subconscious Mind.

Your Subconscious Mind
Prepares reality sequences for physical activation

Your Conscious Mind
Receives ideas and information from subconscious mind
Receives perceptual information from Your Egotistically focused surface consciousness
Sends and receives info to both other realms

I post this as an idea to ponder for those so inclined :)

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